Drama, Drama, Drama.

This weekend I didn’t actually marshal at (or indeed watch) any motorsports events, but knowing how much you all love reading my blog *cough cough* I thought I’d write a bit of something to keep you going until the double whammy of BSB and Houghton Tower Sprint next weekend.

I spent the weekend embroiled in a verbal, three-day long scuffle with Miss Drama 2010… Crikey, if you thought living with your parents was tough, try hanging with someone who thinks the world revolves entirely around their head.

On a positive note, this long weekend (Bank Holiday Monday) means that I can spend Saturday and Monday at Oulton Park watching the British Superbikes and Sunday at the Hoghton Tower Sprint, out of the way.

Sadly I won’t be marshalling at the BSB as no one has asked me to and I think you have to be a member of something important or have a special certificate to get involved. So I’ll be going on my own, as a spectator on the Saturday and Monday. If you see me, come and say ‘Hello.’ Please.

Then on Sunday is the Marshals Northwest’s very own event *drum roll please*… the Hoghton Tower Sprint, which involves some bikes, driving up a hill as fast as they can. Okay, it’s a bit more technical than that,; the sprint sees over 120 vintage and classic machines and modern day superbikes ranging from a 1923 Mackleton, Velocettes, Tritons and everything in between sprint the 1/8th of a mile course up the driveway of Hoghton Tower – the ancestral seat of the de Hoghton family, situated on the A675 between Blackburn and Preston.

It promises to be a great weekend, and if I don’t get a suntan I am going to be furious… so come along to one of the events and party like it’s 1990, after all you’ve got to make the most of a three day weekend!

Remember kids, it’s a limit, not a target.


Useful Links;

British Superbikes – http://www.britishsuperbike.com/
Hoghton Tower Sprint – http://www.marshalsnorthwest.co.uk/results/hoghton-tower-sprint/
Oulton Park -http://www.motorsportvision.co.uk/oulton-park/
Matt Sayle Photography – http://www.mattsayle.co.uk/

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