British Superbikes Stalker – Friday 30/04

After a rather interesting morning at Runcorn Magistrates Court on Friday May 30 (don’t worry, I wasn’t in trouble) I was left with absolutely nothing to do for a whole day… so I thought, ‘Why not blag my way into Oulton Park and have a look at some of the British Superbikes?’

That’s what I did. My good friend Roger – who was my marshalling mentor last season – had hightailed it up North first thing this morning from somewhere either in or near Gloucestershire (I’ve forgotten now)  and had the kettle on and a packet of Hobnobs.

Just as I swept through the gate with my little C3 and pulled into the marshals campsite, the heavens opened, which left me with two dilemmas… how on earth am I going to get my car out of a swampy field when it drives aobut as well as a hairdryer, and secondly… why on earth did I wear a little summer dress and pumps in a bid to win over a certain Superstock 1000 rider? Style over comfort.

After three cups of tea and approximately eight hobnobs and three dashes to the toilet block, the rain finally stopped and Roger and I headed over to the paddock to see who we could find wandering around… we got lucky with Peter Hickman, who instantly won me over with his friendliness and in turn, earnt my full support throughout the rest of the weekend… despite not making us a brew.

Before I go on, I must point out that I was gobsmacked at how friendly these riders actually are, despite being at the top of their game, they’re nothing like many of the musicians and other celebrities I deal with on a daily basis, they’re more than happy to stop and chatm even if you do offend them as soon as you open your mouth….

Which is what I did as soon as I met the utterly beautiful James Edmeades… as soon as he came out of the garage Rodger asked “How’s the broken arm?” to which I butted in “It doesn’t look broken.” What.An.Idiot. Why on EARTH do I not think before I open my trap? I think good looking men and my brain just cannot function as a happy whole.

To my credit James’ wrist didn’t actually have a pot on, but it was clear I’d not been paying attention to the BSB race at Brands Hatch. I think I redeemed myself throughout our conversation though, as I got to have a feel where the drip went in and he told be he’d be back in time for Cadwell. I promise I’ll be cheering!

After that the rain came down again and it was a mad dash back to the yellow van for more tea and catch ups before the racing began…

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