Rain Delays Play @ BSB – Monday 03/05

So, after feeling like a bit of a loner yesterday and headed to the BSB completely alone today, I have decided to make the most of my single status, and have a great day wandering around and watching the races.  I arrived just in time for the first BSB race of the day and watched Tommy Hill and Stuart Easton battle for first position from my vantage point at Deer Leap… it was all rather interesting, even if I was secretly rooting for my new Best Friend Forever, Peter Hickman on the number 60 bike.

Shortly after I watched the hottest man in BSB, Victor Cox, compete in the Superstock 1000’s from Lodge Corner, before deciding to head over to Druids Corner to watch the 125’s. I got lost. How difficult is it to get down a straight bit of track at Oulton? Very. I wandered down the straight until I realised I couldn’t actually get past Warwick Bridge as a spectator (normally when I’m marshalling I just saunter wherever I want) so then I end up stranded in a campsite amongst a load of tents. And it starts raining. I bumped into 2009 BSB Champion Leon Camier when I finally found my way back to the paddock but I was too scared to ask him to has his picture taken with me, which I spent the rest of the afternoon deeply regretting.

So, I decide to cut my losses, and head up to Avenue to watch the Supersport, then cross back over in between their race and the second of the Super Bike races so that I could watch the BSB from the outside of Old Hall Corner and get into my car and out of the gate during the final race of the day, the Superstock 600’s. As flawless as my plan was, it didn’t happen.

Thanks to the rain, the officials delayed the start of the Supersport bikes, which meant by the time it had ended, the marshals wouldn’t let us cross the track before the Superbikes came out. ‘Nevermind’ I thought, ‘I’ll watch the race from here (as crap as the view is) and then cross to my car right after.’ That didn’t happen either, as the final race at Oulton has to start by 6pm, and it was 5.48pm by the time the Superbikes ended. So I was trapped on the infield, freezing cold, knowing I was going to be stuck in the biggest traffic jam ever, just because I’d decided to park my car on a campsite to avoid queuing to get in ‘the proper way.’

Luckily for me (but unluckily for the poor riders) the second lap of the Superstock 600’s saw Nick Clark of BikeBits4u.com and Nikki Coates of TwoWheelTuning.com crash mid pack, leaving one of the riders needing to be treated track side for a suspected broken leg, thus making a restart within the remaining time limit impossible and at last the track crossing was opened. Sure enough, I got to sit in non-moving traffic for a hour whilst discovering that my alternator had gone. Again. I need a loyalty card for my local garage.

So, the car is being fixed as we speak, and I’m psyching myself up for the MG Car Club Championships at Oulton on Saturday, followed by the Northwich Thundersprint on Sunday. Who’s on deck? God, I wish I could ‘properly’ work in motorsport… I never want it to end.


Useful Links;

British Superbikes – http://www.britishsuperbike.com/
Oulton Park – http://www.motorsportvision.co.uk/oulton-park/
Leon Camier Official Site – http://www.leoncamier.co.uk/
Peter Hickman Official Site – http://www.peter-hickman.co.uk/
Victor Cox Official Site – http://www.vicarracing.com/
Matt Sayle Photography – http://www.mattsayle.co.uk/

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