Twitter & Spay Tans Anyone?

I’m about to get a spray tan. I know it’s not even sunny, and I’m going to spend the weekend in orange overalls, but I’ve decided I need a boost, and as I’m too skint to get my ass shaped into a round peachy shape, I think a tan will do for now. Oh, and I’ve joined to 21st century and got myself a Twitter… hit me up –

Don’t worry, I’m not getting ahead of myself and thinking that this blog has made me into the new Carrie Bradshaw (that will take at least another month or two) but I’ve decided I want to look brown. Although brown and orange might clash a little bit? Oh well it’s too late now, I’m booked in.

Anyway, tomorrow will see me hanging out at Oulton Park (probably at Clay Hill) with my marshalling buddies (minus the lovely Matt Sayle), drinking tea and rescuing MG Car Club Championship drivers who take a little detour from the racing line.

It’s my first car race of the season and I’m dubious… I’ve only done two car races in my marshalling career, and I find them a little bit tedious as no one ever seems to overtake or drive aggressively. Well, unless you’re at the BTCC that is. I’m sure my perma-tan might bring some amusement to the days events though… oh crikey, what if my face matches the colour of my overalls?

By Sunday I should hopefully be glowing a little less as I take to the track for the Northwich Thundersprint. After last weekends Hoghton Tower Sprint I’ve got to admit I’m not overly excited at the thought of participating in another Sprint, as I felt like a bit of a leper. Hopefully this time people will try to get me involved a little more and I’ll get something out of the day… even if it is just some pictures with the motoring celebrities who turn up.

Obviously I am GUTTED that I’m going to be missing both qualifying and race day of the Spanish Grand Prix, but at least it’s one of the more ‘boring’ races with very little overtaking. Knowing my luck it will rain and the drivers will be careering off here, there and everywhere and it’ll be the most exciting race of the season. But I’d just like to say now… COME ON VETTEL. Wow. He is a hunk.


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