Spreading Your Seed @ The Vintage Sports-Car Club Saturday 22/05

Another weekend, another day trackside at Oulton Park for me. This weekend was the turn of the old boys in the Vintage Sports-Car Club to drag out their classic cars for a drive around.

Matt Sayle Photography

To give you an idea of the day; it was boiling and I was in full, heavy orange flame-resistant overalls, heavy-duty waling books and welders gloves. Bear in mind that I wear dresses and sandals until the very depth of winter, so being wrapped up like a sofa leg in the height of summer was not going down swimmingly.

Luckily for me though, I was on Lodge corner with my friend David so we both suffered in the heat together and tried to stay alert and ready for action whilst our insides were slow roasted. Talk about needing fireproof overalls when dealing with a crash; I thought I was going to combust just standing there.

Matt Sayle Photography

As half of the North West marshals had swanned off to Anglesey this weekend, we only had four Incident Marshals on post at Lodge, and two of us were still trainees, so, considering we’re on the last corner of the track and the final overtaking point, it was somewhat daunting to think that if there were any accidents going down that day, I might have to get my hands dirty and ‘man up.’

I’d like to say ‘luckily for us the drivers were all well behaved’ but I cant’ not because they weren’t well behaved, oh they were, in fact, they were TOO well behaved. They weren’t jostling for position, going flat out round the last corner or swapping paint, no, the drivers were just having a nice casual Sunday drive around a racetrack on a sunny day.

Matt Sayle Photography
Matt Sayle Photography

Don’t get me wrong, it was lovely to look at an old-fashioned car every five minutes or so (it really did take them that long to get round the track) but if I was going to stand in the sun for nine hours, I wanted a little bit of action or some male testosterone to shine though. We didn’t even get a wave or a thank you from half of the drivers during their ‘In laps.’ surely they should know by now that without marshals, their little ’races’ wouldn’t be taking place… so don’t get on our bad side yeah.

Matt Sayle Photography

In fact, the only bit of action David and I did get was watching an older man chatting up with a girl old enough to be his daughter, hell, she could have even been his granddaughter. Usually I spend all of my time looking out for vehicles taking a detour from the racing line that I miss all of the off-track action that’s going down, but with not much to look at in terms of racing, there was far more time to spy on the public.

Unfortunately for the two ‘lovebirds though’ not much happening on the track meant that a wrinkled bloke flirting with a 18 year old girl was the top of my daytime watch list. After all, I am a journalist, and this looked like a story too good to miss. Just one point though… if you do want to carry on with a young girl behind the breezeblocks, it’s not very subtle to drag her off when everyone’s watching. At least, not if you’re wearing a rather vibrant colour.




  1. Another good read Ruth, historic racing is never going to be over exciting, too much money in those precious cars. Soon be time for motorbikes again, June 26th I think. I’ve got withdrawl symptoms from not doing my bit.


  2. Crackin read as usual, last pic looks like it was taken when you were returning from one of your many “comfort breaks” LOL

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