Jenson Button On The Montreal Grand Prix

Considering I am supposed to be at a racetrack of my own this weekend I am feeling kind of bitter about this weeks interview with Jenson Button, who is busy driving around Montreal’s racetrack in preparations for this weekends fun and games.

So yes, I’m supposed to be covering Download Festival this weekend but have gone and wasted £100 on a hotel after getting heatstroke at last weekends BTCC. Obviously I should have worn a hat and drunk more water, so it’s my own fault really. At least I get to watch Big Brother all weekend. Horray!

Back to our boy though and Jenson has been giving me a behind the scenes preview of the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend. With the Canadian GP being absent from the 2009 season, Jenson reveals why he is confident of a strong performance in Montreal now that it has returned to the F1 schedule, while giving his thoughts on receiving an MBE from the Queen at Buckingham Palace earlier this month.

Have a butchers and then feel a bit sorry for me on missing out on Download. Okay?


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