Sir Stirling Moss, Re-Defining The Word Legend @ The Gold Cup 30/6

This Bank Holiday hasn’t half been a busy one for Ruth’s Racy Adventures – I don’t know why I’m talking about myself in the third person as though I am some super important figure in the world of online writing – I’ve had Leeds Festival and The Gold Cup at Oulton park and now I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday saw me in music journalist mode for the website I work as the Music Editor for as I interviewed, reviewed and snuck backstage at Leeds Festival in Brahmam Park. If you weren’t there, you missed a treat – Blink making a comeback. Wow, just wow.

Enough of my bragging about my festival exploits for now though as Bank Holiday Monday saw me heading over to Oulton for the final day of the Gold Cup in sunny Little Budworth.

It was a lovely day and I spent a small part of it helping out on the recruitment tent opposite Chequers Café in the hope of enticing some new recruits into the BMMC with my shiny red hair, bright lipstick and new tattoo… sadly my best smile didn’t hve anyone come up and ask me for information and the only woman I did manage to ask “would you be interested in joining the marshals club” to turned out to have been in the club for as long as she can remember. I tried to act cool and like nothing had happened by making small talk with her, when in actual fact I was dying of shame inside and just wanted to escape.

Luckily I mentioned that I had to go back and help out the guys on Avenue after lunch so my escape was swift and painless and the redness vanished from my face as I wandered back down to Avenue to play Incident Marshal for the rest of the day.

You’ll be happy to hear too that I was with a completely different team to the one I usually marshal with and we managed to get on okay. We didn’t have much drama on post aside from a few spinners and a bloke that drove his Formula For 2000 into the tyre wall –  I didn’t even go and help out with that as onl two of the three of us were allowed to go to incidents, so I thought it would be better to leave it to the strong chaps, and my feet were killing too.

Speaking on my new team, it seems my discussion of staying with the same people on post at car meetings has been picked up on, so I am happy to confirm that I got on quite well with my new friends – which is inevitable because I can strike up a conversation with a rag doll – but I never meant it to be insulting on insinuate that I wanted to stay on the same post for the rest of my life, I love moving around and seeing the various points on the track, I guess this will always be a topic that marshals will have to agree to disagree over and there are strengths and weaknesses in both approaches to rotations, car and bike.

Despite that bit of drama, it didn’t take away from meeting the legend that is Sir Stirling Moss, who was out on track racking in – would you believe it – the Sir Sterling Moss Trophy Race… granted he was out there more as a star attraction rather than a competitor, but for an 80 year old who five months ago broke both his legs to be out there in a 1950’s sports car as well as doing demo laps in one of his old F1 cars was just truly humbling.


  1. Okay, now I’m pissed. You accept my friend request on Facebook and then immediately delete me. Fair enough. That confused the heck out of me, but you’re free to do what you want …

    Except steal my photos.

    I guess the reason for add-deleting me is clearer now, though I still don’t understand why you felt the need to steal rather than to just ask permission? You would have got an immediate yes!

    Despite being a bit narked with you now I’m just going to ask that you give me credit for the photo. I do enjoy reading your work and I don’t want anything more than credit for mine.

    I’ve added a few photos of Sir Stirling out on track to my Facebook page since your last visit. Meeting him and seeing him drive those old cars truly made my day too. I even got a book signed!

    Feeling better for venting,

    • Hi Paul,

      As I explained to you, I thought you had taken a generic picture from the internet and used it on your Facebook to illustrate a point. I have tried to apologise for this but you seem to have ignored my emails and launched an internet tirade against me anyway.

      The reason my email told you to “contact someone who had time for the drama” (which was childishly posted on a forum by you) was not used in context when you went on your rampage… So, for those concerned I would like to remind you that you added me on FB without knowing who I was and I have told you, I accepted you by accident and went online to remove you as I only have friends on my facebook page.

      You then continued to bombard me with Facebook messages asking why I didn’t want to be your friend and as you can see in your rather insulting and childish comment above, you made yet ANOTHER reference to wanting to be on my Facebook page. This is all getting frustrating, hence the reply that you got – had you contacted me in a professional manner, you would have gotten a professional response. I imagine you failed to mention your barrage of messages to the people on your forum.

      PLEASE understand that I don’t accept people I don’t know, it’s nothing personal to you at all, however I would appreciate if you could leave me alone now, I have enough friends (and profesional photographers) in my friends list.

      Thank you for the publicity to my blog, but I urge you to think carefully before complaining about me with half a story, especially since you can see from any of the blogs below that I always credit my photographers.

  2. Alright, being a photographer I can see how others dislike not being credited.

    BUT, photo credits don’t pay the bills. Having your name under a pic on a blog may be nice and everything, but it’s not going to result in more work or a huge stream of visit to the photographer’s site.

    If a photographer is serious about others ‘stealing’ photos, then a simple watermark would help the writer track a credit, or even serve as one itself. Not watermarking is a schoolboy error if you’re going to get so mad about something as small and as common as this.

    Ruth isn’t making a profit from the blog (or the pictures she uses), so no revenue is being lost. Furthermore, the picture was removed at the first sign of bother. So now, the picture has gone and so has any credit, so the picture can go back into relative obscurity until someone else posts it on their blog.

  3. Can I just say… how ridiculous does he sound when he says; “you’re free to do what you want … Except steal my photos.” Crikey, you’d think he was auditioning for Hollywood.

    Don’t worry about him Ruth, clealy a nutter who’s upset that you don’t want to be his BFF… I’ll be sure to give the team a heads up about him and his behaviour, although TBH no-one I’ve spoken to so far has even heard of him… 😉

    Keep up the good work, we love it in our office!

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