Drama In Pit Lane @ The GT Cup Championship

Oh what a fun weekend I’ve had… yesterday I saw my beloved Sebastian Vettel bag himself a tidy 4th in the Grand Prix, and on Saturday I met the most lovely racing teams I’ve ever seen at Oulton Park.

The pit garages were transformed this weekend as the MSVR co-ordinated GT Cup Championship rolled into town and the big teams put down nice floors and decorated the walls and such things… it was a rather nice change from the boring breeze blocks we usually have to stare at. Being a girl, I obviously appreciate a little bit of decoration about the place….

Photo By Juice Photography

Anyway, after drinking an entire bottle of champagne the night before, I was feeling somewhat tender first thing Saturday morning but one coffee and Babybel later and I was ready to be the Pit Police as I manned the buzzer and kept my beady eye on the pit wall for cheeky little men standing the wrong side of the barrier.

Halfway through a rather uneventful morning I decided to have a bite of my sandwich which I had prepared whilst half-tanked the night before. Unfortunately in my drunken state I didn’t realise I had been making a tasty snack on a loaf of stale (and somewhat mouldy) bread, so, just as the sick feeling had started to wear off, BAM! It was back again, and every time I told someone about the bread debacle, a wave of nausea would wash over me once again.

Photo By Juice Photography

Luckily for me though, the kind fellows on the Ferrari racing team overhead me moaning about my plight and supplied me with Original Hula Hoops (in the red packet, the same colour as a Ferrari. Standard) whilst the guys a little further down made me a cup of coffee and offered me a full platter cooked on their Lean, Mean, Fat Reducing Grilling Machine… what a lovely bunch they all were.

Speaking of the GT Cup Championship guys, one task we did have to do in Pit Lane was grid all the cars up read for the race (which was very difficult once the line of cars extended in front of the garages of cars who had qualified lower down the grid) it was majorly stressful when everyone was shouting at each other and drivers weren’t sat in their cars ready to line up, but I LOVED IT… seriously, it was the highlight of my day and I most certainly want to have a go in the Assembly Area as well as on the Start Line so that I can get more up, close and personal with the cars.

Photo By Juice Photography

Other than that, there wasn’t much action to be had in the pits other than a quick rain shower which turned Oulton into what looked like a brief wet T-Shirt competition, surprising that it perked me up right away – it’s amazing how a bit of rain an a gaggle of men in t-shirts can cure a hangover. Well, if the blokes can enjoy a look at the Grid Girls, who says us women shouldn’t make the most of a downpour?

Until next week and the NG Bike Meeting…. Adios.


Check out the GT Cup website at – http://www.gtcup.co.uk/home.php

Photo By Juice Photography

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