Run Lewis…. RUN! Scherzinger Is Bunny Boiling Again….

I don’t get why Nicole Scherzinger feels the need to keep telling the press how much she wants a family…. Surely if she wants her very own pussycat dolly to play with, she’s be far better off moaning to her F1 driver boyfriend Lewis Hamilton?

I know men can be rubbish at taking a hint, but if Nic keeps gobbing of to the papers, I can see Lewis getting a little bit cheesed off… especially when she goes and tells the Daily Star that she would like to become a mother in 2011. That gives Lewis until the end of Marc to get his missus knocked up….

“I’d want to be married before we have kids and that’s hopefully something we’ll be doing soon,” she said. “I would love to have a couple of children.” Before adding; She continued: “Lewis is always telling me that I’d be a really good mum and I know he’d be a great dad.”


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