The Probans Are Back

This Saturday sees the Orange Probans making their 2011 debut (fire training doesn’t count) at the second round of the BTCC at Donington Park

Having spent the Off Season battling with never ending weekends living with Captain Douchebag in St Helens (see it finally got too much for my little head to take and I packed my life into boxes, quit my job and moved back home with mother.

I’ve finally gotten myself a brand spanking new job in PR & Events, which involves being the editor of my very own magazine for the workers at White Rose Office Park in Leeds and after a few weeks of watching motor sport on the telly, I thought it was time to swap my BMMC membership over to the Midlands region and get back in  the saddle.

So, on Friday evening I’ll be packing up my little blue car and tootling down to Stoke On Trent to bunk down at Andy Butler B&B, before me and my trusty marshal buddy hit the track first thing Saturday morning.

Having never actually marshalled at Donington before, I’m rather dubious about what’s in store for me… but as long as Tom Onslow-Cole does me proud, I’m sure I’ll be beaming just a brightly as my hair shines.

Obviously I’m ever so scared that once again, I’ll be starting from scratch, where all the marshals look at me as though I’ve got a second head or six eyes… simply because I’m a girl, who trots around with sunglasses on and red lipstick on. Having done two seasons at Oulton, I would hope that I might have shaken off the ‘Female dum-dum’ stigma by now, but I’m not holding out much hope. Especially since I haven’t ‘upgraded’ to be a ‘proper’ marshal yet….

Yes, I am still technically classed as a trainee… I have done about 30 meetings in total, but I just never upgraded… I’m not one of those marshals who wants to be Queen Of The Post, I’m quite happy just watching the racing and helping drag cars and bikes out of the gravel as and when required. I don’t need a green badge to prove myself to the rest of the motoring elite.

Anyway, don’t be a stranger, come and say hello… I look forward to meeting you



  1. Hey Ruth
    How are you? How are things going? Great to get an update, good luck with the marshalling, let me know how it goes? How is the new job going? Great blog
    good luck in your new job

    Hope to catch up with you real soon
    take care

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