Servicing Your Car In Barnsley : For Dummies

Any woman will know that taking her car to a garage is often more expensive than being let loose in the Trafford Centre with a brand new credit card; not because we love to spend our money on oil, spark plugs and brake discs, but because boobs and legs often mean we end up being ripped off.

Having lived miles away from Barnsley since 2005, it was often the case that I would turn up to a garage in Wigan with a small noise coming from under my bonnet, and would end up having to spend an entire weeks food budget on God knows what.

However, I am now living back with mother after dramatically quitting my job, losing the deadweight boyfriend and escaping from the house of Captain Douchebag and it was time to brave a car service. Now, for those of you living in Barnsley, I am sure you know a plethora of garages to take your car to… but how do you know you’re not going to get ripped off?

I conduced a round robin with my family to find out where they took their vehicles in times of trouble, and the most popular answers were Roys Autos, Phil Makinson and Malcolms Tyres. As I live near Mapplewell and I haven’t quite made my mind up about Phil Makinson just yet (he’s my dad’s friend, but my dad knows absolutely zero about cars), Roy’s Auto’s seemed the best option, as everyone in the Williams family think they’re the bees knees.

So, in I went last Friday, dropped my keys off and tottered up to my stepsisters for a bowl of mushroom soup and a glass of wine. 18 hours later and I was back at the garage to pick up my beloved Peggy Blue the C2…

They had done all the usual stuff you’d find on a service; changed my oil, given me new spark plugs, de-scaled my brakes etc, etc… and off I drove like a lady steering a cloud… how fun. At a price of £150(ish) I was quite happy. Confused at why I can’t ask for £150 when I do something for someone, but I guess that’s business eh? And my stepbrother reckons that’s about the right price.

ANYWAY… since it’s make over it drove like a dream for a few days, BUT NOW, I am hearing this awful squeaky noise as I drive along… at first I thought there was a bird stuck in my wheel arch, but now that I can STILL hear it three days later, I am wondering if A) there is a nest of birds hiding in there, or B) I need to take it back…

I HATE taking things back, because lets face it, what do I know… it could be my wheel slowly falling off, or it comes be something on my new, clean brakes rubbing… I DONT KNOW… what do I do team – I’m at Oulton Park this weekend for the BARC Championships and then AGAIN next weekend for the BTCC…. will I be dead by then?

That is the end of the questioning for now….

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