M-Sport Unveil New Ford Fiesta Regional Rally Car

Hold onto your bucket seats Rally fans – M-Sport have introduced a roaring new Ford Fiesta Regional Rally Car (RRC) to customers this week.



The Cumbria-based company revealed the variant of the Ford Fiesta RS WRC at their testing ground at Greystoke Forest this week, and whilst the RRC has the same genetic make-up as its predecessor, the Fiesta RRC features a 30 mm engine restrictor and aerodynamic modifications to qualify for the regional regulations.

M-Sport Managing Director, Malcolm Wilson OBE, said: “We are delighted to introduce the new Ford Fiesta RRC. It provides experienced drivers with the highest level of rally car but also includes the necessary components to convert it into a regional rally car.”

The Fiesta RRC

Supplied as a WRC variant with a kit of parts to enable it to be converted to WRC specification in six hours, the Fiesta RRC is aimed at rallying’s most experienced drivers and marks the next step for drivers in their career after the highly successful Ford Fiesta S2000.

The car is built to comply with FIA regional rally regulations and the versatility of the car allows it to compete in national championships in its RRC guise but also in the World Rally Championship in its WRC variant.

Ford Fiesta MS1

Following successful initial testing in the UK, M-Sport have also made available the new Ford Fiesta MS1 which will complement the Ford Fiesta R2 and become the first step in Ford’s ladder of opportunity as drivers commence with the MS1 before progressing onto the Fiesta R2 followed by the Fiesta S2000, the Fiesta RRC and finally the Fiesta RS WRC.

Malcolm Wilson added: “The Fiesta MS1 offers drivers an introduction to rallying at an affordable level and I look forward to revealing our new cars to the world rallying scene and to monitoring their performance in regional championships across the globe.”

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