My C2 Sounds Like It’s Falling Apart. Please Read & Tell Me If I’m Going To Die….

So far, my only gripe with my C2 has been my ridiculous windscreen washers which freeze in winter and the fact it sounds like a hairdryer, but after being stuck in traffic this morning and nearly having a breakdown at the wheel, I am in need of advices and reassurance that I won’t die on the way home tonight.

Over the past few weeks I have noticed my brakes squealing when I come to a stop, sometimes I can even smell them, but I always thought they were on other people’s cars – it was hot and I thought that was a feature of summer – I know, stupid eh? Then, I began to notice a clunking sound when moving off in first gear. Again, I thought it was the car next to me…

But then this morning, I was stuck in traffic on the M1, and every time I rolled forward in first gear, there was the noise again – imagine two empty beans cans hitting against each other, or two of those heavy iron files dangling from a string and someone running a marathon with them on their arm.

It is terrifying. It sounds expensive and I am worried I am going to die on the way home. I’ve already phoned up good old Roy’s Autos and they said if I bring it in tonight they will look at it, but obviously I have a full day at work, wondering what on earth the problem could be, how much it will cost and if I’m going to die on the M1 on the way home… so if anyone could offer me answers to any of the above, I will buy you an ice cream next time you’re at Donington Park.

One comment

  1. Probably just needs a set of front brake pads. Discs too if you’ve driven with them down to metal. I am a qualified mechanic, but is hard to diagnose properly without seeing it.

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