Ciao Super Sic – A tribute to Marco Simoncelli

In the wake of one of the greatest losses in the history of Moto GP, the world is dealing with what has become the darkest week in motorsport this year.

After mourning the tragic death of two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Dan Wheldon in a fiery crash at Las Vegas last week, motorsport fans were once again thrown into turmoil as we said goodbye to one of the most inspiring riders of our time, Marco Simoncelli.

The 24-year old San Carlo Honda Grisini rider, was killed almost instantaneously in a horrific accident during the second lap of the MotoGP at Malaysia’s Sepang circuit on Sunday.

With his Jimmy Hendrix-inspired hair cut, Marco was always a hit with fans and the media thanks in-part to his addictive personality, combined with a fiercely determined riding style.

Marco once said; “To only live 5 minutes to ride bikes like this, is far greater than most people live in an entire life time.” At least we can take the smallest comfort knowing that Marco left doing something he loved with every inch of his body.

Selfishly, he will be greatly missed.

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