Going Off Road With Buyagift.com

It was a cold n frosty morning when I pulled up outside my friend’s house for a quick coffee ready to head Thirsk-bound.

My usual trips to Thirsk see me working hard as a G4S engineer, but this adventure was sure to be different…. just outside of Thirsk, hidden away in the small village of Felixkirk is the muddy adventure experience land by the name of Yorkshire Outdoors.

Pulling up in my very own 4×4, we went into the office where we were greeted with a warm welcome from all the staff and a complementary coffee, needless to say, by the time I got behind the wheel of the Land Rover Defender, I was ready for some action!

After a safety briefing and completely the relevant paperwork, we were ready to go; our instructor took showed us around the vehicle – my dream Defender – which would keep us safe during the forthcoming two hours of mud and mayhem. We got inside and were talked through the gearbox before he took us on a spin around the course.

I was first up, and I couldn’t wait to jump in the driving seat. As soon as I was strapped in, we were off! I navigated the beginners section of muddy tracks and small bumps, but, as my confidence grew so did the course… after a short while, I was driving through big muddy bogs and even steeper hills.

Then it was time to hand over the control to my friend, he tackled the first section without a hitch, which was to be expected considering he has far more off roading experience than me and soon graduated up to the take on the rest of the 50 acre course, which was littered with even bigger drops, muddy climbs and bogs.

I then had a turn at sliding my way through the same 50 acre adventure. Whilst at times I sat at the bottom of a steep hill thinking; “how on earth am I going to get up there? Isn’t there a route around?” the instructor was very helpful and calm with us both, talking us through how to drive and handle everything he threw at us.

Even when we got completely stuck and broke off the exhaust of the bracket (don’t try that on your experience day!), he jumped out, zip ties in hand, and fixed it in a flash.

After two adrenaline fuelled hours, we were done, it was all over too quickly and we could have undoubtedly spent all day, even all weekend exploring the massive site, but alas, we had to get back to reality and Britain’s painful A-Roads.

All in all, our 4×4 experience was amazing and left us both wanting more, we’ll definitely be back!

To try your hand at a 4×4 driving day, head to www.buyagift.com

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