Welcome to Ginetta

Here we are, 377 days after my last post and what a year and 12 days it’s been. I know I’ve been away from the blogger sphere for longer than might be excusable given my journalism / social media background, but hopefully this will get us back into the swing of things.

As you might remember, this time last year I was working for The Devil Wears Prada in Leeds, but since then she has disbanded and is now employed by someone else, worthy of making her life equally as miserable as she made mine.

Although, whilst we can all gloat at her misfortune, this blog is about me, so I’ll start at Autosport International 2012, where it all began…

I was working as a journalist for Race Drivers Inc, and was given the task of interviewing some real-life racing drivers who were taking part in the Ginetta Kart Race, to raise money for Race2Recovery. One of the people I interviewed was Lawrence Tomlinson, Chairman of Ginetta, who enthralled me with tales of young racing drivers and the Ginetta ‘career’ ladder.

Anyway, the following week, I finally quit my job at C2PR and left the dragon lady behind, proceeding to tell all my ‘Facebook friends’ the good news, and promptly go out into Barnsley town centre to enjoy a few wines with my friends. Whilst I was out and on my fourth Merlot, I had a message from none other than Lawrence Tomlinson himself, asking me if I fancied working for Ginetta… and the rest, as they say, is history.

Over the past 12 months I have had the pleasure of being given the chance to run Ginetta’s communications, taking charge of Ginetta.com as well as their social media sites including Twitter and Facebook, as well as being involved in organising a shed load of their awesome events.

Having spent much of my 2012 summer living out of a suitcase in a Premier Inn and rushing around a BTCC / British GT paddock in orange shorts, I can honestly say that I am finally ‘living the dream’ of working in the motorsport media and I’ve got to say, it’s everything I imagined and more.

In short, the past 12 months with Ginetta has allowed me to….. explore more of the UK in a year than I have in the previous 25, introduced me to a guy who took me on a date to East Midlands airport, as well as Sir Jackie Stewart, Damon Hill, Nigel Mansell and John Surtees (they didn’t take me on a date), drive around in some amazing orange sports cars, (and my first automatic, van and minibus) and make some even more amazing friends.

I have deconstructed a hospitality awning in the pouring rain with some of the best guys I’ve ever known, dressed up as a grid girl (not on the dates), started Weight Watchers, quit Weight Watchers, (yes these were related to the grid girl dress up), arranged a supercar convoy from Leeds to Le Mans, missed the start of the Le Mans 24hr whilst in a champagne bar, saw my hard work turned into coverage on BBC news and elsewhere, realised you didn’t need a passport to go to Scotland, finally drank wine with Karly Ashworth, welcomed two Olympic athletes into the Ginetta family, made friends with “Paul off Corrie”, helped organise events galore, almost fought a taxi driver following a black tie dinner, sang at the top of my voice to One Direction and Celine Dion with Charlotte, learnt how to eat like a lady at the BTCC awards (also with Charlotte).

But above all, I laughed, cried and danced (mainly to One Direction) like there was no tomorrow, and I promise to share the next 12 months of excitement right here. Image


  1. Great to get some words from the lovely PR babe again. Have been reading some of your Twitter messages this last year but it’s not the same as your adventures here. I liked the “missed the start of the Le Mans 24hr whilst in a champagne bar” … but you job is to be where you need to be, or? … and this time it was the champagne bar 🙂 Greetings from the (cold) west coast of Norway.

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