Back To Where It All Began

This weekend will see me return to the place my motorsport adventure first began in 2009, as I take some of our Ginetta GT Supercup drivers to try their hand at marshalling in the annual BMMC training day.

Having moved to Cheshire in 2008 with my job as a journalist, I found myself spending many weekend at the MSV track, watching the races, interviewing drivers and writing this very blog about the colourful characters I met along the way.

Whilst the blog – and my columns in various motorsport magazines – meant I was lucky enough to join Ginetta last January, there is no denying the great times I had with everyone who joined me at Oulton Park each weekend, want without their help, we couldn’t go racing.

Working at Ginetta has opened my eyes to just how hard EVERYONE in motorsport works – from those who organise the championships, to the journalists in the media room, and from the mechanics in the team, to the people who work in the canteens – but it’s nice to be able to show the drivers what marshals do.

So, myself and Tom Sharp, Declan jones and Max Coates will be getting up early, pulling on a pair of Ginetta Orange probans and grabbing a fire extinguisher – so keep your eyes peeled on the @ginettacars Twitter to see how we get on.

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