Dear Travelodge : A complaint…

Good afternoon Travelodge,

I would like to email you this afternoon with a number of complaints about your Derby Travelodge (DE22 3LY). I stayed with you on Friday night for one night, before moving to your Ashbourne Travelodge.

Firstly, I called the hotel on Friday morning to ask what time I could check in as I had to meet friends before a wedding at Tissington Hall the next day. I was told if I was there for 3pm, I could check in and then go to meet my friends at the venue. I arrived at 3pm prompt and as no one was on reception, I pressed the bell and waited.

After around seven minutes a woman (I must say, she is not the type of person a hotel should use as their ‘front of house’ – unkempt, dirty hair and generally dishevelled looking) came to greet me, and then informed me she was changing the bulb in my room and to wait at the front desk.

I was left standing there for 35 minutes (no less) – and completely ignored by the foreign male who was also working on reception – before she popped back in and told me she had left my key on the desk and had asked the male attendant to let me check in. Which he obviously didn’t.

Anyway, when I got to my room (29 I think, the furthest room on the right) I was firstly confronted by a huge spider on the wall, which I had to get rid of myself. Then I went for a shower, only to find the sealant around the bathtub covered in black mould.

Annoyed, I left to meet with my friends and returned around 1am to find that A) there were major roadworks going on smack outside my bedroom window, and B) the curtains had threadbare patches, so not only was I kept awake during the night by diggers, I was also periodically blinded by yellow flashing lights.

To top it all off, when I woke up the following morning, there was yet ANOTHER gigantic spider hovering above my bed. I can honestly say I have never been as disgusted with a hotel in my life, this was second only to the horrific state of a Travelodge I stayed at in York last summer.

I just wanted to share my true anger at the diabolical state of your Derby hotel – how you can have the cheek to charge £60+ per night for the ‘pleasure’ of staying there is shocking, and I will leave it up to you where to take things from here, but I certainly did not have ‘a good night’s sleep’.


  1. Welcome to my world, travel lodges are amongst the worse, especially their smell. In a recent interview on Radio 4’s “In Business”, their MD said that they were not in the hotel business, but an eCommerce company as over 90% of rooms were booked online. Hate to tell you Travel Lodge but it doesn’t matter how people book, the room is the most imported part of the “experience”, you should try and considering yourselves as hoteliers!!

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