This one’s for you Frankie & Benny

What was only my second ever visit to a Frankie and Benny’s has completely soured my opinion of the chain after a shocking visit from beginning to end.

To begin with, we walked in to overhear a waiter saying ‘I don’t get paid enough to clean tables’ before taking a seat in the bar to wait for our table.

For our starters, we were treated to brown, old lettuce with the prawn cocktail which looked as though it was thrown together by a five year old, whilst the ‘tomato and basil soup’ was pretty much just a jar of Dolmio pasta sauce put in the microwave.

When it came to the main, my wrap was okay aside from the burnt tortilla and the raw chip or two, whilst my boyfriends Chicken and Ribs was a total eyesore. The chicken was almost cremated whilst his chips were the same – in stark contrast to my warm potatoes – and the whole thing looked rather unappetising.

Before we left we decided to have a coffee – you can’t mess that up right? WRONG. The mug was streaked with coffee and a long drip had long solidified on the side.

To top it off, one of the waiting staff – not the one who isn’t paid enough to wait tables – looked as though she was at a funeral the entire time. At points we were guessing if she would start crying before we left the restaurant, she wouldn’t speak to any of her colleagues and we felt very sorry for the tables she was waiting on.

In short, this was possibly one of the worst meals I have ever paid for, and trust me, handing over £50 for the displeasure of it was utterly painful.


One comment

  1. Why on earth did you pay for that??
    I went to TGI’s on Kirkstall Rd a couple of years ago, when it was really bad with snow. The food was terrible, as was the service. I refused to pay full price, as anyone is entitled to do, offering them 99p, as I told them their burger was not as good as McDonalds, and therefore was unwilling to pay them more. As long as you are willing to leave your details with them, so they can pursue it as a civil matter if they so choose, you can leave. The manager explained that deliveries had not arrived, due to the snow, and that she fully understood and agreed with my complaint. She removed all the food from our bill, we only paid for drinks. Sometimes we’re too polite, I think it’s a British thing. As long as you offer to leave your details you can simply walk out, and it’s upto them to pursue it through Civil Court, something they’re unlikely to do if you have valid reasons (and evidence, don’t forget!).

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