Rude Boi’s, speed awareness and race cars

Ginetta fans out there, you’re in for a treat this season, we have a fantastic line up of drivers across all of our grids, and event though many are not public yet, rest-assured the Ruth Harrison PR machine is peddaling away like a swan… It might look like I am gliding around, but there’s hard graft going on behind the scenes.

I am personally looking forward to the BTCC and British GT weekends, as well as continuing a fantastic partnership with Michelin where I visit schools and teach kids about the importance of choosing a fabulous career. There is plenty in the pipeline for Team Orange, and all of us will be honouring our friend Cushty in every way we can.

The past month has only gone to show how wonderfully lucky I am to work with such caring people, have a great set of friends and spend my days and nights alongside the most loving of all people. I did swoon over him for long enough before plucking up the courage to ask him on a date.

Yesterday saw me spending four hours on a speed awareness course (which was actually alright) alongside seven pensioners… Shocking right? Why am I never behind these speedy OAP’s?? I always seem to get lumbered with the folk who insist on driving at around 20 mph, everywhere.

Speaking of driving at 20mph, I think that’s more or the ‘in’ thing with Rude Boi’s these days – hence why there were oldies like me on the course – because every single time I drive through Ravensthorpe on my way home, I am stuck behind a Clio/Corsa/Punto with an exhaust so big I could stick my head up it, cruising down the road at around 15mph before turning full circle and driving back the opposite way… Is that cool?

In fact, don’t answer that, as one of the perpetrators was an Audi A1 with a personalised number plate saying ‘D3WSBU4Y’ – in case he was stupid enough to forget which town he lived in.

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