I Have Lost My Brain. Apparently.

A more positive contribution to the Diet Chef diary today as I braved the scales this morning to find I had dropped another pound; giving me a total loss of 3lbs since Friday, which – according to ilostwhat.com – is the size of a brain.

Not only that, but I am giving myself a huge mental pat on the back after refraining from eating any of this MASSIVE (see photo for evidence) homemade chocolate fudge cake which appeared in the office today to celebrate a colleagues birthday.


I’d like to take this opportunity to say how delicious all the hot food is, I haven’t had a bad lunch or dinner yet, and as a massive pasta lover, it’s great to have some meals that have a cheeky bit of the Italian delight in them! In fact, the only downside for me is the breakfasts, as I am not a huge fan of milk and haven’t gotten around to heading to the shops for some yoghurt to have with my granola as yet!

As for the snacks, whoopee! The bags of popcorn are gigantic and I nibble my way through my daily packet throughout the day as a handful is more than enough to keep me going when I have the urge to find something to snack on between meals.

Today is going to be my first day in the gym since I started the diet, and I am looking forward to it and hope it will boost my progress towards my goal. I have to admit though, seeing even just one pound off on the scales helps my motivation and self-confidence massively as I know I am getting that tiny bit closer to where I want to be.

With the race season getting underway in just a month and a half, I admit I am already worrying about my willpower at the circuit, but my friend and colleague has agreed to be my personal motivator AND rollerblade around each of the circuits with me so we can keep up our fitness.

Expect broken bones at Brands Hatch.

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