Four Down, Nineteen To Go. Let’s Body Pump!

I’m going to be honest, I was dreading getting on the scales this morning – I had been down over the weekend after failing to lose anything since my first 2lbs loss and I was ready to give up. It wasn’t fair that everyone else was posting on their social media feeds ‘half a stone off in the first week!’ and I had all but failed.

Not only that, but this weekend saw me eat out on Saturday night as I was lucky enough to be a ‘VIP’ guest at Arenacross at Sheffield Motorsport Arena  – which included free food (beef pie) and drink.

Somehow I managed to stay strong – I had saved up all my calories during the day and enjoyed a small bit of pie (no pastry) and a glass and half of wine during the show, and didn’t eat rubbish for the rest of the whole weekend in the hope that Monday morning would go wrong form the start.

Luckily for everyone who is set to come into contact with me today – it was another 2lb loss this morning, (how on earth did that happen?) making my weight loss 4lbs in total so far and boosting my spirit to keep going.

Whilst I have been going to the gym on my own, today is the first day back in the Dewsbury Sports Centre Body Pump class since my tearful episode a few weeks ago. Poor Chris, Vicky and Suri had to cope with me blubbing over feeling down about the way I looked, whilst clutching a box of cupcakes – I know, the irony isn’t lost on me.

So, whilst turning up might be a bit cringy when people think ‘oh, there’s the one who cried last time’, I can face it because I am doing something  positive, and will be cupcake free. In fact, I wonder if not eating all my daily calorie allowance is not actually helping you know, because sometimes I just don’t have the chance to consume them all, and I don’t want to ‘eat for eating’s sake’ but I do love a good cupcake…


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