Half A Stone Down – 18lbs To Go… & I bought a kitten

After my Italian pasta-fest, I was dreading standing on the scales on Saturday morning, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked down and saw they read 11st 11lbs – meaning I had reached the half a stone marker and was going great guns.

I’ve got to admit, I am a little jealous that it’s taken me three weeks to reach the milestone, when other Diet Cheffers have been tweeting about the same loss in the first week and as the next £200 has left my credit card for the forthcoming month, I am starting to question if I can justify the diet.

I feel great telling everyone (yes, everyone, even the lady in the Co-Op) that I’ve lost half a stone, hell, I even went out and bought a little kitten as a ‘treat’ for doing so well (not to eat!) but now I am finding that she takes a lot of financial looking after as well – Whiskers is not cheap is it!?

I have been spurred on though by this 2014 Inspiration competition I spotted on the Diet Chef social media pages, and after writing this, am going to ping off an email to their marketing department in the hope of winning the three month free plan prize, as that will surely take me to the 18lbs I have to shift, and make me one happy lady – and it means Peggy (the kitten) can enjoy a larger shopping budget for those all-important kitty toys!

So, keep your fingers crossed for me as I sit her munching Sweet and Salty Popcorn and praying the diet Gods will look down on me and fund my weight loss habit.

Whoever decided that takeaways would be cheaper than buying fresh meat and vegetables anyway?

World, meet Peggy
World, meet Peggy

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  1. I like that you had to clarify that the kitten was not to eat! Well done and good luck with the rest if your journey

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