An open letter to the people who burgled us…

First things first – if you think it’s acceptable to provide your girlfriend / mum / sister with half a bottle of Coco Chanel perfume or underwear with no tags on – it is not, so why you decided to add insult to injury by lifting those items from my house on Saturday night, I have no idea, but someone you know must have really low gift standards. In fact, they must have low standards altogether if they are going out with a thieving ass who drives around in a Silver Citroen people carrier. Yes, we saw you.

Let’s start at the beginning though shall we? Since 2008 when I graduated from University, I saved a couple of hundred pounds per month to save up for ‘the big things’ in life – a deposit for a house and my dream car, a Mini Cooper. Luckily, meeting my boyfriend Mark meant that I didn’t have to worry too much about the deposit for the time being, as he already had a house which I moved into around six months ago, meaning I could finally afford to splash out on that car I had been waiting for, but of course you already knew that.

As you also probably noticed whilst wandering around inside our home, we like things which are quite unique – although you have most of them now – but I was quite certain what I wanted to spend my savings on – the Mini had to be Nightfire Red, had to have low mileage, and had to cost under £10,000 – and by some absolute miracle, on 27 December, that exact car popped up on my AutoTrader feed. I didn’t sleep for three days – I knew I had to have it, and when I went to view the car on December 30 – it was mine within the hour. I didn’t stop smiling for a week, in fact, I probably didn’t stop smiling until last Saturday when I came home to find a big ugly hole where it had once stood.

Walking towards our house, the world moved in slow motion, it wasn’t until I saw our front door caved in and our house torn apart that the reality of what happened really hit me, I fell to the ground and wailed my heart out – and I don’t half have a pair of lungs on me, it brought everyone in our seven house cul-de-sac out for a look – it’s a shame they didn’t show the same level of interest at 8.30pm that evening when you and your friends were kicking our doors in with your size 10’s – thanks for leaving the footprints by the way.

Whilst you were at home counting your swag, the police came and I drank whiskey, then we laid amongst the remainder of our belongings until the sun came up the next morning and the SOCO man came out to take your prints and everything you left behind. Then my uncle arrived to replace the carpets your dirty little marks were all over. As Sunday dragged on, we began to trawl through the mess and discover the extent of the theft – aside from my car, the other big loss was my boyfriends almost new Gas Gas Pro 300 Adam Raga replica trials bike and helmet, as well as everything you could try to sell on – don’t bother with the pawn shops, I’ve already circulated a list complete with serial numbers – and we have tags on all the ‘for sale’ websites.

I hope you’re enjoying watching the latest TV on the pair of 42″ plasma TV’s you lifted, enjoy it whilst you can, because I hope you won’t be enjoying much visual stimulation when you get caught – if not for this crime, but for one in the future. You see, I believe you’ll get what’s coming, try reading a book called ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, it will give you an idea of what you can expect, I had two copies, you could have taken one of those when you were rifling though my underwear, but then again, I’d be surprised if you can handle books without pictures, after all, you don’t strike me as the most educated human beings – in fact, you are probably the dumbest individuals to have ever set foot on our street – I mean, you couldn’t work out how an interior doorknob worked so you just crow-barred our door open. Perhaps you were off on that day of robbery school – did you put my tights over your head though so at least you could pretend?

Whilst I am sure your female companions are delighted with the Chanel handbag you have given them, my grandmothers engagement ring and the plethora of other gold and silver you ragged from my wardrobe (I hope she burns her fingers off on my GHD’s by the way), the music on the iPod probably isn’t to your taste, I was a music journalist you see before I moved into the world of Motorsport PR, which is why I am using everything I have learned since I was at University as well as my media contacts to find you and my things – I used to question if I could ‘do’ this PR stuff, but you have only helped me realise the skills I have – so thank you for that – I am sure prison will teach you some skills when you eventually end up there.

You’ll see my car is probably one of the most famous in the UK as well at the moment. Thanks to the power of social media, it has now been shared over 2,000 times and the story has been run in the Huddersfield Examiner and will be coming out in the local press on Friday, as well as running in the national press at a later date. Even the Mini press office have been in touch (the advantages of working in Motorsport PR) and will be flagging up the car across the UK and even offered to help me should I want to replace it in the future. I wouldn’t bother coming back for that one as it will have a tracker fitted, as does my partners BMW M3, if that’s what you came for initially.

Speaking of cars, it’s probably best to ditch the silver people carrier too, after we pulled out of our street and you bumbled back down our drive, we did see you when we left the house by the way (oops) you all left the scene in convoy and the three vehicles (my Mini, the trials bike and your own car) almost hit another motorist, who then followed you, and thankfully gave that route to the police so they could track you on CCTV – it’s getting awkward now isn’t it?

So, you have one of two choices, leave my car somewhere the police can pick it up (unlikely, I know) or look forward to being famous – you’ve probably always wanted that haven’t you, being a no-hoper at school and having nothing to show for yourself in adult life – because when they find you, Twitter will make sure you’re a national celebrity.

As for us, we will still live the life we always have, enjoying the things we work hard to earn, whether that be something as simple as a bottle of fine wine or a luxury holiday and that appreciation for life and hard work is something you can never take away from us.

Good luck…. Number six.

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  1. I really feel for you. VIOLATED and you will feel that way every time you leave your home. A burglar alarm will help, but that is Too late. I love your letter but l am sure the low life’s that did the dead probably can’t read. I hope your car returns to you.

  2. My god how horrible for u .i understand how u feel .i was burgled when i first married ? Ok i did not have etc. But what i did have was taken from us .photos of my mum who passed away when i was 11 .my engagement ring my locket and my little blk dress which i adored .and last but not least the took away my security .i never felt safe in my home again.and as for the scum bags who did this to u the dont have a clue as to how u feel r even care!! i will pray the get caught .but with our legal system. I would not bank on them going to prison ? Prob get there knuckles wrapped .good luck for the furture x

  3. Just seen this on a friends newsfeed. I am utterly sickened for you. Hope you find the scum – why do these people think it’s ok to coast through life cheating and stealing. Bad karma. Very bad karma. Will share on all my social media too. Sending you both love, from one Secret reader to another. X

  4. Awwww I feel do sorry for you. Burglary is one of the scummiest crimes. Hopefully your car and Mark’s bike will be found and especially your grandmas engagement ring. ( my other half, Gary, has mechaniced for Richardsons)
    And why steal someone’s underwear and perfume?
    I do hope they catch the bastards who did this and they get what they deserve.

  5. Hi I’m sorry to hear this has happened i will pass the details onto any mini forums i can as i have a few im in hopefully the news spreads and someone knows something hope you get some sort of compensation when they get caught

  6. Wow. How spoilt are you? All the top named stuff. Imagine not being able to buy all that in the first place. Now THAT is tragic.

    • Thanks for commenting Mandy, we both worked hard to buy the things we had, I think the real tragedy is that people think they have the right to take what we have quite rightfully earned.

    • Seriously the only thing you can say is how spoilt is this lady? Not about how people think it’s ok to walk into someone’s home and take what they like! Really?

    • what the hell is that supposed to mean? spoilt because they have worked hard for what they have!!!!! doesnt give any scumbag the “right” to break into their house and steal stuff, jesus get a grip

    • It’s probably Mandy hat nicked all your stuff. Thats the sort of comment a thief would use to justify stealing in the first place, I feel for you Ruth.

    • Spoilt is not working hard to buy nice things.
      Spoilt is when you get given lots of stuff you don’t deserve, say like being given child benefit as a reward for opening your legs.

  7. Hate why you had to write this Ruth but my, you do demonstrate the power of the written word; with your contacts/social media network, sheer determination and comms prowess these people really don’t know what they are up against. I won’t be surprised to read they have been lifted within the week! Sincerely hope the important items are recovered and returned to you soon, you will get over this and normality will return once again, it’ll just take a little time.

    • Thank you so much for your positive comments, I knew my friends like my blog but I never expected this much support – here’s hoping it translates into something

  8. This is a terrible situation and must be really hard for you. Though given the mentality of this kind of crime, can not help thinking this reaction (ie trying to humiliate and attacking) may have made you a target, I hope I am wrong but even if they catch them, there is always another idiot who may think they want their own justice, no matter how unfounded. I understand your anger but perhaps keeping it impersonal might have saved you further upset in the future, from people who clearly do not think or behave rationally.
    Hope you get your things back and the people responsible are brought to justice

    • Rachel Byron- that is exactly the attitude that has let society fall to the level it has, everybody stand by and do nothing, no-one stand up to criminals. thjis lady is perfectly entitled to give voice to her anger and good for her. All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing…

  9. This is awful news to hear!
    I hope they find them selfish, uneducated scumbags! I hope you manage to retrieve everything back that you worked so hard for. It’s an awful world that we live in and how times have changed over the years!
    You’re letter shocked me as you were so calm and collective, I would have swore and kicked off but I take my hat off to you. Don’t let them win and dent your confidence, live your life to the full still as you truly deserve it.
    Karma will get them! If not, the top dogs in prison will.
    Thoughts are with you and your partner x

  10. I don’t actually know you and I am sorry there are such bad people around. I’m only a “little person” but I will be sharing this to my facebook and encouraging others to share too in the hopes to get the word out there even more ❤ …. on a little bit of a different note excluding the reason for this blog it was awesome to read! I would REALLY hate to be the "soon to be caught" idiots… Good luck hun 😀 xx

  11. A very sad story and first thing to say, I would be really angry too! But… (there’s always a but…) … materialism and happiness…

    A couple of weeks ago my grandfather passed away at ninety years old. I meet lots of dying people and yet, I was struck that among all of them, he seemed to be the most content with his lot at the end. He had spent years in the far east, gained satisfaction from his work, and known the love of his wife who he always looked upon wonderously, and his five children. On his death he left barely enough for the funeral; almost nothing. During his memorial at the local quaker meeting house, I saw an inscription suggesting that we “use objects and love people, not love objectss and use people”.

    Your burglars are the illustration of this: users of people. You have every right to feel violated. But, and I hope I don’t sound preachy, I’d argue that as you rebuild after these events, it’s the immaterial things money can’t buy which will stay with you, and no-one can steal. Protect yourself with these.
    And yes, I do wish you a good contents insurance payout as well…

  12. Bless you Ruth. I really feel for you and Mark. I’ve been robbed like that before and had the most weird things taken. Apart from everything I had fought so hard to save for and purchase that were expensive, which was bad enough, there were other things which had mostly only sentimental value to myself or my children. As for your Coco Chanel and underwear, maybe the guy who lifted that specifically, meant to use it on himself…lol. You have one of the most powerful writing talents I have ever experienced reading, and I read A LOT. I have no doubts whatsoever that you will catch these cowardly scumbags in a short time and you’ll get the satisfaction of putting them away for a long time. And I really hope you get your Mini Cooper back unscathed…..they are such sweet cars and you have amazing taste in your choice of auto’s by the way. God speed and God bless you

  13. Sorry to hear about this, I myself have been burgled, let me say.. “It sucks! and not in a good way!” I hope you’ve been lucky enough to have shamed them into returning your things, or at the least lucky enough that they were tracked successfully from their bungled escape..

    Good luck!

  14. Love the letter, people really don’t get how much it can change your life. Hope you get your car and Grandma’s ring back – guessing underwear is not so sought after. Shared and hope the “bar steward” gets caught.

  15. I read your unfolding tale with growing horror, how could any of this be right. And how could anyone kick a door in and make all the noise they must have done and no-one in a small cul-de-sac even noticed? What sort of world are we living in that this can happen. I feel so sorry for you and was angry that one of the comments had to show envy that you had any of these names – that’s none of their business and no-one knows how you have worked for what you have. It’s probably that attitude that the burglars had – if they couldn’t have what you do, why should you have it. I know that sharing posts like this often make the property too hot to handle and it gets dumped, so I hope that happens in your case and you get everything back intact, especially your grandmother’s ring which is irreplaceable. Everything else can be replaced and hopefully, you are insured. I will share this post on my Facebook and Twitter accounts and hope you can start to feel safe in your house one day soon.

  16. The sad thing is, the ‘people’ who this is for are probably too stupid/high/out of it to be able to read it 😦
    At least you two wernt hurt and you have each other… They are your precious possessions that make up your world that have been taken…but replacing your husband with a near replica would be a lot harder! It doesnt help tho…Lets hope they get caught!

    • Unfortunately it’s a world we’ve been living in for a long time now. 20 years ago we were burgled at around 3pm on a sunny Sunday afternoon. We were living in a terrace-like house at the time, so had neighbours close either side. As I say, it was sunny and families either side were out in their back gardens all afternoon. The scum who burgled us not only kicked the 5′ double locked back gate in, they also smashed a window in vain attempt to reach the back door bolts, when that failed they simply battered the door down. We had two dogs, one of which was a German Shepherd, but they simply let them loose in the street. The dogs would have barked at the commotion, adding to the noise already being generated. But…. Not one neighbour saw, or heard, anything! They then left the way they had come, taking several thousand pounds worth of our belongings with them. Again, not one person saw, or heard, a thing! 20 years and little has changed. It’s a sad, bad world we live in. We were unlucky and never recovered any of our belongings, nor were the perpetrators brought to justice. I sincerely hope that this is not the case with you and that you recover your hard earned valuables and that the low life’s who did this get what they deserve!

      • Thank you so much for your kind comments, you cannot believe humans can be so mean!

  17. Hi Ruth, I am so sorry to hear about this. Whilst we have never suffered a break-in, both my wife and I have suffered theft from our cars and I have had a motorcycle stolen. I know people will say “that’s what we pay insurance for” but that is not the point. No amount of insurance will ever make up for the shock and hurt that these nasty, selfish individuals have I will be sharing your post on both my facebook and twitter feeds and hopefully, these lowlifes will shortly be taking a short trip in a police car followed by a spell as guests of Her Majesty!

    I know it is a horrible thing to happen to anyone, but please don’t let them ruin your life.

  18. This is just brilliant, I hope you get the scum who did this! I have been burgled twice, had very little money at the time, but they still took my old telly. I saved up and bought a new telly, it lasted a week!

  19. What a bunch of neanderthals. I think your comments are too restrained. I hope you get your grandma’s ring back, although I fear it’s been snorted by now 😦

  20. A bit of jealousy from Mandy there me thinks, and regardless of what things you had stolen, you are right, you worked hard to ear them and no one has the right to just take them for themselves.
    It’s the personal things, the things that can’t be replaced that are the worst to loose. Your lovely car is just a car, and there are more of them about, you can and will replace it, but your grandmothers engagement ring is not something you can replace.
    I hope hope they catch the scum bags and treat them like they deserve to be treated, not just send them on a nice holiday somewhere. It’s a horrible feeling, I know, but in time it will pass and the memory of it will fade. Don’t let them win though, keep smiling and remember…you have each other!

  21. Wow, Mandy, jealousy is an ugly thing. I suppose it’s ok to rob someone who has another pay cheque on the way, is it? Never mind the fact they studied hard and used sheer brains and determination to EARN the things they’ve lost. Your comment is unbelievable.
    Really sorry for you guys and I hope you can recover at least some of your belongings, if not all. Ignore bitter comments, you work hardand deserve those things. Some people just eexpect everything on a plate!

  22. I was expecting some kind of conclusion to do with how you feel totally ok and how money and material goods are not important for your inner happiness.

    But nope, just a massive boasting session about all the stuff you used to own, and how awesome it was, and how expensive it was, blah blah.

    These sorts of experiences are supposed to end with the realisation that wealth is often only temporary but life will always go on the same.

    I know you make no mention of this in the article, but you come across as a very snobby person who looks down on anyone who doesn’t have as much as you.

    Please, next time you write something like this, try to add an even more comprehensive list of all the snazzy exquisite items you own. Because we all want to know about that.

    • So… because she isn’t going to lie down and accept that her stuff’s been taken, she’s a snob? I think you probably took all of the “no-hoper” stuff a bit out of context; I’d be lashing out too if some scroat stole the things I’d worked so hard for. She makes the point that she had to save up for these things – it’s not like Daddy bought them for her or anything.

      I don’t see why she should have to conclude with “But it’s k, I learned that I won’t die without my car. Yay.”. That just doesn’t seem like a realistic reaction outside of maybe Tumblr or someone who’s not had to work for their possessions. I say fair play to her and it’s good to see somebody actively chasing up the perpetrators instead of just sitting there and drowning in self-pity or pretending they didn’t really want that stuff anyway.

      • Thank you very much for this comment! You’re all so kind it makes me teary! Xxx

    • The point this Lady is trying to get across is that the thieves stole the nice things that she had saved hard for and also violated their space. Just because she may earn a little more than some and be able to buy slightly nicer things does NOT make her a snob. It is the principal that the thieves have taken the liberty of walking into their house, wrecking it in their hurry to take anything and everything without regard to how much it may hurt or damage the people who live there. She is not ‘going on’ about what they have to show off, but to make it clear so that the people who have stolen from them should beware as now everyone knows what they have taken. You Mr Me sound like someone who is very jealous of what others have instead of being happy with what you do have. What does it matter if someone has a nicer car because they can afford a little more? It doesn’t ever give someone else the right to take that because ‘they think that person can afford it’!! Ruth I hope these people are caught and punished and I feel for you and how vulnerable and violated this will have made you feel. I do hope you get everything returned and please don’t take notice of the jealous folk. Your letter is amazing and I will share it on.

    • You never feel ‘OK’ after being burgled! It doesn’t matter what’s been taken, if anything at all in some cases, it’s the feeling of violation, and the anger that someone thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to simply take something you own just because they want it, or they want what they can get for it. And I think she mentioned the items that she did so that people would know what to look out for or, if they were offered something cheap, the descriptions might ring a bell. I had no sense of her bragging or being snobby. Jealousy and pettiness are such nasty characteristics that do you no favours at all.

  23. I won’t patronise you by telling you how I feel for you, but I felt the need to comment on the disgrace I feel towards your neighbours (except for the one that had the nadgers to follow them). Whilst some may have been too scared to intervene, they could have at least called the police, taken video, pictures, license plate details etc. What they don’t seem to realise is that your house wasn’t picked by sticking a pin in a map. They chose it from amoungst the others there, and have possibly noted one or two for future calls and may have even passed that info on. Had they made their presence known, then the idiots would have left and thought twice about coming back. Unfortunately, many people nowadays dont care much past the nose on their face. I think you will stand a better chance than most getting some of your stuff back (no doubt you’d rather they kept the underwear). I applaud your use of the media, I don’t doubt that these idiots have already got a record, and will be going back to see their boyfriends soon.

  24. It’s a shame and a sign of the times when a nasty jealous bitch can only find a negative in someone’s hard work and success.

    Ruth, get yourself a German shepherd… they would be able to trace the offenders by DNA; by cleaning the dogs teeth 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your comments, yes, the lady above’s response is pretty insulting. I can’t believe someone can be so rude!

  25. I was burgled in Harrogate several years ago, and the thieves were caught by police drinking the proceeds of my cocktaiul cabinet on their wayb driving home, and they found all my gear in their car boot. I hope you are similarly lucky…Andy Mailer

  26. some people – mr me and mandy – appear to belong to that class of people which is best described in this country as ignorant underclass. they cannot see someone do the right thing and think ‘oh good for them’ too bothered are they with their jealousy and/or resentment towards anyone who works hard. if i were being judgemental (perish the thought) i’d guess they are probably both on benefits. if they are on the £26K max then they earn more than i do and i’ve worked damn hard for the past 25 years. i finally managed to buy a house 6 years ago (25 year mortgage initially too much per month now slightly more affordable phew) after much scraping and am slowly doing it up when money is available. i managed to get my first ever new car (monthly payments) last year. i thought it was xmas.

    i was mugged in the street once i suspect they’d think that that was ok too. kicked to the ground, kicked repeatedly and all for a couple of pounds left in my wallet. oh and a few days spent in hospital. no doubt that’s ok too. and the cost to me in lost wages. no doubt that’s ok as well to mandy and mr me.

    so all in all ignore the ignorant underclass comments.

    those of us who work damn hard deserve any little luxury we can get whether that is a bottle of wine as you say or a high end car. i pay for what i can afford, you pay for what you can afford. those who don’t like it should go get educated and get the jobs they think they deserve rather than stealing, sponging, moaning and generally dragging people down.

    i hope the thives get caught and no ‘background reports’. crime is crime regardless of what led you to do it. i don’t notice them mentioning background reports when high fliers get prosecuted for things. poverty is not an excuse if it were then my predecessors would have been in jail more often than most.

    and before any comments come in no i’m not 75, not a Tory, not a UKIP supporter, don’t live in the Home Counties and Daddy didn’t buy me everything. I also don’t read the Daily Mail.

    43, hardworking, apolitical, east anglia, poor parents now poor retirees.

    • Thank you so much for this comment, it had warmed my heart threefold. I am the same, earning less than the benefits limit but saving when I can and only ‘treating myself’ every couple of months.

      I am shocked that people can be so callous to write such things on here but so called keyboard warriors more than likely have nothing better to do with their time than bitch about those ‘better off’ than they are…

  27. Good luck…These bottom feeders are nothing but pond life and they deserve not to know how the rest of society enjoys life ..May they rot

  28. I feel so sorry for what happened to you and your husband,I cannot,and hope I never will know the emotions you went through discovering your house had been burgled,and the loss of your possessions,some of which may be replaceable,but thats not the same as the originals which would have sentimental as well as monetary value.I most sincerely hope you get every single item back that these scroats stole, hopefully undamaged as a I hope normal /average bloke I am amazed and appalled at the nasty negative comments made by Mandy and Mr Me, I don’t wish them any harm but hope that in the very near future they both find their homes burgled and items stolen, bet they don’t turn the other cheek then! Good luck to you and your husband in the future, hope theres a successful outcome for you, and the burglars get long prison sentences. Regards.Bill B.

  29. Literally tens of thousands of families are burgled every year. If society channeled all of this hatred into fixing some of the problems that caused some people to act this way, then we may see a great deal less robberies.
    Take your head out of your arse, and stop acting like you’re the only person who’s ever been burgled. Listing all of the expensive items that you own/owned on a your own blog just makes you an arsehole.

    • Lovely. Reading your comment makes me realise there are bigger arseholes out there than the ones who burgled me.

      Many of those items were gifts or things I had saved for over months.

      I will not justify owning expensive items, no one has the right to take other peoples things, not even an arsehole like you.

    • So because she’s not the only person who’s been burgled, it’s not okay for her to be affected by it? Not only that, but by condemning Ruth, you’re also condemning the very same ‘tens of thousands of families’ with the same brush…

      With that said, allow me to ask you this, as a person of active society, (which I presume you must be), have you actually done anything yourself to help fix these issues that society has?

      Perhaps practice what you preach Steve, fucking idiot.

    • Don’t be a douche. I have a classic 34 ford Capri, doesn’t make me an arsehole, means I saved up, and my nana loves me ! Haha, don’t be a douche about something you have no idea about.

    • Ruth

      Boasting about all the expensive things stolen is possibly not the best idea ….

      Afterall, in a few weeks time, the insurance will have paid out & the house will be full of goods again.

      Hopefully you won’t have riled the burglars too much & they won’t return ….

    • Steve, people who do things like burgle people are dicks, end of. That is why they “act this way” and no amount of societal help is going to change them, because they are dicks. They will never amount to anything and as such the world would be a better place if they were just to stop wasting oxygen that could be used on something much more worthwhile, like a balloon.

      People like yourself, apologists for such behaviour just encourage it because dicks get to pin the blame on society, rather than accept the are dicks. Don’t be a dick.

      • My thoughts exactly. Well said Matt.

        Hope they’re caught Ruth, I’d be devastated if this happened to me 😦

    • What a dickhead you are, you are an absolute moron. So what if she has expensive items who gives a shit some arsehole broke into her home and stole them so stick a big fucking sock In your stupid under educated gob and piss off. Never felt so angry to read such a pike of shit.

    • How you can possibly call this hard working , and obviously intelligent young woman an arsole Steve Loser unemployed billington I don’t know! But if you put as much energy in to working your self as you do writing nasty letters to people that have had there lives turned up side down, by scum, You would may be able to have some of the nicer things in life! It would not surprise me if it turned out you were one of gang, And all the positive comments have got YOU,

    • Thievery has been a human trait since the dawn of time. Sadly it will never stop no matter what ‘Fixing’ we try to do. By the way Steve, exactly what Solution do you recommend here? You obviously have all the answers so why not share them with us?

      How anyone can try to defend these useless, lazy, fuck-wits is a complete mystery to me. Mr Me and Mandy as well; all your comments do is place you at the same level as the Bastards who did this. Resentful and Grudging Envy is a disgusting emotion, if you used it to motivate yourself for self-improvement fine, but bitching at a Lady who has suffered such a blatant disregard for her personal privacy and possessions is unforgivable. You might as well have done it yourself. In fact, its seems to me we should check Steve, Mandy & Mr Me’s houses* first!

      People who work hard earn the right to enjoy their possessions, they earn the right to make scum like you feel shit for all the money and effort Society has wasted on you. As a Nation we are too accepting of failures, too kind to the lazy and too supportive of the deliberately ignorant. If you want to sit on your Fat Arses with your SmartPrice ready-meals and 4000 Channels of Sky TV do it, but stay the fuck away from people who actually give a shit about improving their lives with Effort and Dedication.

      * I say houses, more likely Shacks, Gutters and/or Hovels.

  30. Absolutely disgusting that people can have the conscience (or lack of) to do what these scumbag lowlife thieves have done to you and your boyfriend. And shame on you Mandy for such petty, bitter remarks! Not many are born with a silver spoon in their mouthes, and most, like Ruth, work very hard to be able to afford to treat themselves to the little luxuries we like and the things we want in life.
    It’s a feeling of violation that you can’t put in words when someone takes things of yours, and it makes you so angry, because why should they dishonestly and unscrupulously take what we all work so hard for?

    Ruth, I’m keeping my fingers firmly crossed for you that you see some justice done; whether that’s the return of your belongings or the identification and capture of these thieving scumbags responsible (hopefully both!)
    Just keep a hawk-eye on websites like auto trader, piston heads, eBay and as many as you can!
    These low lives will no doubt already have criminal records as long as your arm, and probably do live life in and out of jail. It’s a sad reality that there are people out there like that that will probably never change.

    Please let us all know how you get on!

    Sharing on Facebook in the hope it will help spread the Word

    Katie 🙂

    • Thank you so much Katie and thank you all for being so positives, it makes those three rude people so much easier to bear! Xx

  31. I’m with you all the way Ruth -me and my husband work hard and why shouldn’t we buy nice things – this doesn’t mean we should be robbed – I hope you get somethings back – or all of it – and I hope they catch the scum that robbed you x

  32. Ruth this is terrible news I hope they get what’s coming to them. I have tweeted this and shared it everywhere possible to highlight it. I hope you get your stuff back.

  33. How sad to think that Steve Bilington can respond in that way, it just shows what an arsehole he is. If you have been given valuable items or spent your hard earned money on possessions, whatever make, brand or otherwise then you thoroughly deserve to pulbicise the fact that some low lifes have entered your home (lockable by your keys!!), invaded your privacy and taken what is clearly not theirs. Regardless of how many other people in this world have been burgled, it is ALWAYS personal.

  34. Awful. Share on trialscentral and the facebook buy and sell trials bikes page..the trials bike will turn up..maybe not soon but it will.
    Good luck. It happened to me. You will work hard and enjoy your life with the replacements you eventually re-attain..whilst their prospects are dismal

  35. Fingers crossed you can get your stuff back! I think the three rude comment people have missed a key point in that no matter how much the stuff cost you in the first place, it’s YOUR stuff, not just there for any old person to wander into your house and take. Last year someone got into my flat and stole a bra out my washing basket – nothing else! – just one bra. It was one I wore for the gym, it was very faded, two sizes too big, and frankly, a bit minging. But it feels horrible to know that someone I don’t know has been in my flat without my permission and that somewhere out there, someone has my skanky bra 😦 Obviously, I’d be raging tenfold if someone nicked my car! But it’s not a nice feeling at all, and I think those three people should be ashamed of themselves for what they’ve commented.

    • Thank you – I call those my ‘comfy bras!’ But they nicked quite a nice one actually, my boyfriend has changed the colour from white to blue though when he was left in charge of the washing machine…

  36. Same thing happened to me and my partner too three weeks ago. Also in Huddersfield – we had bought the car brand new three days earlier. The scumbags came into our house and stole the keys while we were in – luckily for us the dog barked and they didn’t have the opportunity to take anything else other than the car and my partners purse containing cash (unfortunately it also had momentos of her recently deceased dad inside – which was probably more upsetting than the items which have been replaced) hopefully karma – and the police will catch up with them one day!

    • Oh no, I am so sorry to hear that – did you get anything back or find out who did it? I hope you can start to peice your life back together again! Sending many higs

  37. Having been burgled when I was 20 I totally get it, they stole everything they could sell, and smashed, ripped and scratched all the furniture…..everything was ruined… except my books…. which funnily enough were worth more than anything they took (I’d been given first addition famous five books and had all mine and my older sisters Rupert Bear Annuals….worth a few thousands all together)
    I’m sorry there are spiteful people in the world leaving you messages…. its not a “brag” its a simple…”if you see this it might be mine” what’s the point of listing things without the brands? Obviously their mothers never taught them “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” if you don’t like the blog….um….. don’t read it….!?! wow….that’s a brainwave…!

    I hope you get the sentimental things back, for everything else there’s insurance and as someone else has commented …. at least you are both unharmed 🙂 Hope it doesn’t linger too long in your minds….it took a couple of years, burglar alarm and a lot of locks to feel safe again. . . that and I live next door to a high ranking policeman….always a bonus knowing he’s there.

    Take care, will share your post…..its going round FB rather well at the moment ❤ xx

    • Thank you so much, and it’s good to know it will get easier – our house is like Fort Knox now (it was quite secure before to be honest) they failed to kick in two doors before they got in by smashing a lock open but everything is ‘beefed up’ now.

      And no, I don’t want people to think I am showing off, I wanted to list what went missing and as a writer I did it in the best way I could!

  38. Such a sad story, but way to rise above it! My Grandma had her wedding ring stolen whilst she was in an operation, there really are some evil people out there! Sending hugs. xx

  39. “reasonable people” won’t read it as bragging…. only people that point the finger when others succeed.
    Chin up …. *tiny silver lining* the boring electrics that were insured….you’ll get to go shopping and buy the latest versions of them again 🙂 It doesn’t work for your precious jewellery … but it is a tiny nice thing to focus on….distraction is good <£
    There's also a "magic" marker you can get from the police to write on your electrical items….although if they don't try to sell them it doesn't help you much. xx

  40. Horrified for you. There are some real lowlifes in this world and I feel for you because I have experienced being burgled, its just heartbreaking.
    I hope you get the justice you deserve and these toerags are caught promptly.

  41. I really feel for you , i have suffered a break in before and you feel everything is soiled afterwards. Lets hope they are caught and taken to Saudi Arabia to have their hands cut off . Scum

  42. I don’t understand these people slagging you off because you listed the stuff that got nicked. Lovely that. So you’re a spoilt brat because you worked hard for the things you owned? I don’t think they quite understand the definition of spoilt.

    I had my scooter stolen – first set of wheels and I was paying it off monthly – and I was absolutely heartbroken. Doesn’t mean I should stop and stand there going ‘oh but the people who have nothing… now that’s a real tragedy! Man up!’ because even though that -is- the case, it doesn’t change the fact that I’d had something that I work six days a week to pay off stolen from me. Clearly, you like me, have been raised to know that if you want nice things, you work damn hard for them, and no one should make you feel any less than violated when some scumbag takes it.

    I hope they find everything and those lowlives get what’s coming to them!

    • Thank you so much, it’s messages like this that make all the difference. Whether it was a mini or my first car which I bought for £900, it’s still important to me!

      • Doesn’t matter if it costs two quid – it’s yours, not someone elses! Just really annoyed me seeing people slag you off for it. I remember being furious at uni when one of my flatmates ate one of my pizzas, didn’t tell me, so when I went to make it one hungover afternoon, it wasn’t there. It was only a quid from Iceland but I was pissed that he’d taken something that wasn’t his, but mine. Let us know when they catch them!

  43. I also, unfortunately, know how you feel. I was burgled when my oldest son was a few weeks old. They took all the toys and gifts family and friends had bought for him, all my treasured 18th birthday presents (I was only just 19 at the time) as well as the usual tv, stereo, jewellery etc. They also took an old pair of slippers and a quarter of a bottle of bubble bath! Anything that they couldn’t take, they cut, ripped, smashed, threw paint on or, in the case of my son’s clothes, emptied on the floor and pissed on.
    We had only lived there for about six weeks, and had furnished the house from the ‘for sale, ten pounds and under’ section of the local paper, apart from the bed, which my partners mum had bought on hp, and the tv which was rented. We had absolutely no chance of getting any of our things back, as the police said they knew it would have been one of a handful of scroats who stole to order (as there were around 2,000 houses on the estate, but approx 1200 tv’s – if yours was nicked, you just got someone to Nick you one!!). They said they would pick up these scratters and drive them round in the cop car and ask them to point out which houses they’d done, then go to court admitting two or three and taking the rest into consideration.
    I hope you have all your lovely things returned or replaced, as no one deserves to have their home invaded and privacy violated.

  44. Ruth, I really feel for you. Look forward to using the insurance money to purchase new electricals. You cannot replace sentimental items, so don’t try. I was burgled, and had my engagement ring taken and an item from my nan, who had died. I had things like my christening bangle, items from my wedding cake, all of which were not necessarily valuable, but all the same irreplaceable. I eventually had a new ‘engagement ring’, but chose one completely different, and I can’t refer to it as my engagement ring, because it never will replace the stolen one. My underwear drawers were also raided, that made me feel dirty, and I struggled with that for a long time.
    Noone should ever violate someones private property whether designer labels or not, that is irrelevant, it belongs to you and one as the right to take your property – scum of the earth is what they are. Hope you get your car back. Good luck,

  45. I really hope you find your things. My bag got stolen in khan and I was de estates as it had lots of personal things in as well as MP3 player money etc. Can’t imagine my flat being broke into! Best of luck, hope the scum get caught!

      • I’m East Yorkshire, so it’s not totally unrealistic for it to be here, recognized the reg as my sisters mini was stolen the other week (and dumped near my house!) I will keep my eyes peeled for it, I’m sure it was only a few streets away I saw it, if I see it I will call the police and follow it for you x

      • Seriously? That is amazing! My god, thank you so much, you have given me a glint of hope! Xx

    • Also, my car was broken into two weeks ago, £300 worth of fabric for my company in the back seat… No use to anyone but me… Pisses me off a treat.

      • I have no idea. There’s no reason they can’t afford nice things. We all saved up, there’s no reason they can’t. Even if its £1 a week! Lol x

  46. Ruth, I’m from Cape Town, South Africa.
    My cousin Laurence Sharpe in Wales sent this to me. I obviously won’t see your mini whizzing by, but I can offer my support.
    Crime happens the world over – its part of our nature that some manage to unfortunately embrace a but too well. All I can say is this – you weren’t home, thank God. Had you been, you might have become an obstacle to their getting away. Or worse, you might have been seen as a sex object. Yes, you have been violated by a home invasion, but it could have been far, far worse. Now you just have to pick yourself up and grit your teeth.
    Strength girlfriend!
    Dee in Parow, Cape Town.

  47. The scumbags who violated your privacy deserve nothing but the worst in their life but reading your words, I couldn’t help feeling you came across a little smug and middle class. And this is coming from someone who is a little smug and middle class. I just try and hide it a little more. Why all the branding? Christ it felt like I was in the middle of a John Lewis advert. I hope the cretins are caught and you get back those personal belongings. The Mini, the almost new Gas Gas Pro 300 Adam Raga replica trials bike and TV’s can be replaced with your hard earned earnings and insurance.

    • Thank you – I listed our belongings in the hope that someone reading might see them on eBay / gumtree etc if I missed them.

  48. Best wishes to both of you Ruth. I think you live near me as I saw a police car in a cul de sac when i was out with my dog on Saturday night, eleven ish(I live near the old school). We had our trials bikes stolen a couple of years ago so I know some of what you’re experiencing, although they only got in to our garage. We don’t keep the new bikes at home anymore. I’ll keep an eye out for the Raga when we’re out riding! Put a Stolen Bike notification on the trials community is close knit and we look out for each other. Hope you are able to recover from this, and ignore the trolls, they want a reaction so don’t give ’em one,
    Best of Luck for the future.

    • Thank you – and it’s nice to meet another neighbour, I only moved here recently and don’t know anyone!

  49. lol wow just popped on my feed and can i get the burglars a round of applause and maybe even an award for their effort because bless them it does seem like they tried hard not to be massive cockups but alas their primate brains were just too tiny to comprehend how life works and will hopefuloly see them on the news and in a cell sometime soon where they belong, idiotic, malicious, self serving cunts (pardon my french)

    best of luck to you both 🙂

  50. I’m really sorry you lost all your things to these horrible people. I’d feel so upset if I’d saved and bought something, to see it taken by someone else. I just wanted to say though that I sensed a little bit of bad feeling towards the “underclass” from some posts afterwards, and I wanted to say that it’s not everyone who is on benefits who does this.

    I’m disabled, I work to take care of myself and my children, I can’t manage much more than that, thus benefits enable me to survive. I can’t work, I really want to be able to, but my only skill is my writing and it’s a tough world to get into. So I save too and buy my children nice things, if it means I go without a bit, I don’t mind because they’re worth it. I would be absolutely heartbroken if someone came in and took these things from them, the way you are about your things. It’s not about the money, it’s that I went without to give my children something and now they are going without so that someone else can have it without a thought as to what taking it might feel like to another person. I can understand that from your post, descriptions of things that were taken, certainly not a list to show off.

    I’d never look at what another person had and think to take it or feel jealous. I’m happy to have my children and their happiness. And to not be tarred with the underclass on benefits brush.

    I hope these people get caught, and everything is returned to you. You are doing a very clever thing, versus some very stupid people, I’m hoping that it pays off for you. I’m also hoping that people can see my point about some of the comments made.

  51. Sorry, maybe i am an arsehole. I wish you all the best for the future, but seriously, let go of your hate and forgive and forget this. It is nothing.

    • A lot of it is anger Leon, I think hate is the wrong word. You may forgive if they bring back your personal items, which by the way are not “Nothing” they can mean the world and be irreplaceable and then you have to factor in that your home no longer feels secure, you feel violated, insecure and freaked out not to mention paranoid and very pissed off when you’re burgled. It’s a harrowing experience and I would not wish it on my worst enemy. Ruth, I truly hope you and your husband recover all your personal belongings and that these scumbags get what’s coming to them. They have no idea the effect their actions have on the lives of their victims, the best of luck to you and your husband in the coming days, weeks and months ahead. Take care and try to remember, it does get easier but it does take time. Good luck and god bless. I have gladly shared this on Facebook and I hope everyone else does too!

  52. Sorry to read about your burglary, because of the power of the net it has reached me here in France & I’ll be sharing your post with my UK contacts. As a retired police officer I attended many similar incidents & always tried my best to help to catch the scum & help the victims, I was even taken to task by my supervisors for taking too much time with the victims. It is horrible when what is yours is taken & your home is entered, We recently became victims ourselves as on returning home after a lovely day out, found an attempt had been made to force open our back door. From how you come accross you sound like a strong person & hopefully will be able to get over the worst of this quickly, it is unsettling, we now are wary of going out or going away from home.
    Lets hope with all the info you have circulated they are caught & get what they deserve.
    The good will always out shine the bad in every aspect of life & you are one of the GOOD.
    Take care

  53. Forgive & forget? A bit too soon for that, and to forgive first id expect an apology!

    I have a mini, wanted one all my life and at 40 got one (cooper s – sorry for the “branding”). When you work long and hard for something and someone steals it away it must really hurt.

    I hope you find your car, you may not want it back by then, but it’s yours not someone else’s! You shouldn’t have to apologise to anyone for saying what was stolen!

    Hope you get some satisfaction/justice/revenge!

  54. Hey. All you negative junnkies expressing rancour and envy towards this family who had what they worked for or was gifted stolen znd all you apologists for the thieves.
    read this again. Filter out the material possessions and see the soul hurt of thr people.
    and especially to the thieves, if they can read, I hope your balls turn square and fester on the corners, your earholes turn into arsehole and shite down your shoulders and your next bowel movement is a pineapple. …whole.

  55. It’s horrible to have this happen. I would never wish it upon anyone, even my worst enemies. (yeah, plural) The way you’ve recounted it, however is fantastic, heartfelt and true. I really hope you get “closure” and the scum get what’s coming to them.

    P.S – That’s a really nice color for a Mini!

  56. Ruth that was amazingly well written and I am certain you are strong enough to ignore any negative comments on here. I was burgled at uni and it wad the violation of my things being touched that stayed with me along with the sadness for the loss of my sentimental jewellery, my grandmother’s engagement ring and my 18th cross from my parents. I never did get them back. I had my own sister telling me it was my fault for not wearing them.
    What this taught me??there are nasty people in the world, but that is their sad life, I have more than them inside, even if they had cleaned out my whole room. On a black humour note, they stole my suitcase to put the rest of the stolen goods in!! Some people…. I hope you get your stuff back and they get caught. Stay strong 🙂 Amy

  57. Great letter Ruth, we live just around the corner from you and we very rarely go out on a sat night but that night we did. Really scared to think it was all happening so close. All the best to you both.

  58. low life’s should be locked up for life when caught, it’s never the price of product they take but the irreplaceable sentimental value each item has.
    recently I fully refurbished one of my house, the first thing we had to install is an alarm and cctv because scum thieves would come and steal copper pipes and wiring if they see an empty property..
    chin up, be strong and stay strong
    all the best x

  59. They are only things. Things can be replaced. You don’t need two TVs of that size. You must be very unhappy if you feel the need to own such things. I feel sorry for you.

    • Oh words fail me sometimes. We all have material possessions. Some more than others. Who am I to pass judgement on those who have more and critcise those who have less?
      so who are you to be such a sanctimonious odious entity?
      judgmental and critical at the same time, I know. Is it envy or is it jealousy with you.
      I’ll bet you have stuff that I can’t imagine anyone owning.
      You’ll probably think I’m not a good bloke because I have four guitars, two tellys, a car two motorbikes and a three bedroom house and I live on my own.
      So what. You’re opinion id worth exactly whatI paid or it. Bugger all.

      • You’re not a good person at all. Do you even care about the continuation of the human race? Your generation are disgusting, blind and ignorant.

      • Really. Thanks for your input. Now fuck off and hug a tree swampy, leave the grown ups to sort it out.

      • I’m sorry that was harsh and rude.
        Now what was that you were asking? Oh aye, don’t you care about the continuation of the species? No, not really. I’m aware enough to believe that for example global warming is caused more by that big ball of burning gas called the sun than by the actions of the human race. Besides I, like many of my generation who in your opinion are to blame will probably be dead in fifty or less years. When you’re dead what’s the worry?
        And it was my generation and thr generations before that brought an end to subsistence living, tyranny and mass ill education and poor health.
        we built the nhs, free school education, oh actually why do I bother….I’m off polar bear hunting in the morning after a breakfast of quails eggs, white veal and pate foi gras. After that I’ll probably smoke a bloody great big cigar and cruise round in my gas guzzling off roader, just because I can afford it. Then I’ll organise a modest uprising somewhere, beat my servants, might sell a few might trade a few in. Chainsaw sounds good.
        Yeah. Thanks for your opinion swampy. I won’t lose any sleep over it.
        Does your mum know you have access to a computer? Surely past your bedtime now.

  60. Can understand your frustration, but you know when there caught, they will only receive, 180 hours community service and slapped wrist. The law now is a joke. Thieves and especially young people know that there are no consequences any more, just a telling off and a faint hearted dont do it again, its about time that the government took a grip on the situation

  61. Hope they get the scumbags who did this……….I know what it feels like to lose precious things under these circumstances……and JXVX maybe you have never suffered a burglary and it isn’t just down to the loss of belongings, it is an emotional upheaval and the fact that your own space has been violated in this way! You should hope it never happens to you!

  62. I have never been burgled although they wouldn’t get much out of our home as we don’t have anything worth taking but nevertheless it is disgusting it doesn’t matter what’s been taken, whether its a flash car or a tenner from your purse no one should steal from anyone. Hope they find them lets hope you get justice because burglars seem to be good at getting away with it and doing it again and again… I wonder if we had the same law as Saudi .. would people think before they stole !!

  63. I feel for you I really do. Three weeks ago my front door was smashed through (5:15 in the morning when we were all in bed) and my car keys and car stolen. Luckily, I use that term loosely, our car was found the next day. I’m so glad they didn’t manage to see lit on and make any money from it. It’s the emotional turmoil that this kind of incident leaves with you. Bit I can say ur story has given me hope to brush yourself off and carry on, for we are a million times better than the scum bags that come I to our lives and violate in such a way ! Good luck to you on the future and I hope they do catch the people involved in both incidents xx

  64. Ruth, The worst part about a home break in is the emotional scar it leaves on the victims. Children have the hardest time dealing the fear and nightmares. I hope you both can learn and grow from this ordeal. My father rebuilt his front door with a reinforced steel frame. A little expensive, but keeps out the average thug. Lo-jack or on-star are great vehicle tracking devices sold in the states. I hope you post an update when the police make an arrest or find your car. Stay strong. Glenn

  65. I share the sentiments of practically everybody else in condemning these burglars for what they have done. It’s wrong to steal and, having also gone through what you are going through, I can really empathize with you. However, I can’t help but feel that your letter may elude to another growing issue in relation to our society’s obsession with never-ending consumerism and materialism. For the past few decades, we have been led to believe, through our societal values passed on to us from parents, teachers and politicians (among others), that if we work hard at school and get good grades, we will be able to get a well-paid job and buy all of the luxuries and material goods that we want and we are told that this is the best way to happiness. However, what some people don’t perhaps realise is that even when you achieve that goal of buying a new sports car, the bigger house or the new iPhone, there is a risk that this becomes a never-ending cycle and never really makes you happy or fulfilled in the long-term. Rather that this, I would like to see those who work hard to contribute to our society, such as nurses and fire fighters, who don’t get paid particularly well, to be regarded equally as successful, if not more, than an extremely wealthy stockbroker or footballer. Until we see this shift in our perceptions of what success is and move away from our throw-away materialistic society, I feel that human well being and happiness may only deteriorate. Comments?

    • I fully agree. If you are more about the colour of your car than the effects it has on the planet, you really need to reevaluate your life.

  66. Listing the items that were stolen is ‘bragging’; it’s getting it known that they are out there and if people see them for sale anywhere then hopefully it will ring a bell and these scumbag thieves can be caught.
    You have my sympathy and I hope at the very least the sentimental items are returned; a replacement is never the same.

  67. Many of us are taught that material possessions are the route to happiness, some are not. Some of learn that material possessions are but a transit to temporary happiness. But this does not detract from the pleasure of owning material possessions. This does not lessen the hurt when what you have worked for has been taken, as for values well do we value people by their earning power or by the good they do. No one forces someone to be a nurse, policeman, fireman, soldier, they’re all volunteers. A fair days wage and good working conditions yes. if the market will stand paying a footballer as much per week as many earn in a lifetime, well that’s market forces for you. Sure, maybe a nurse should be paid more, but then should a street sweeper be paid as much as a nurse as a doctor????
    Finally perhaps it’s inappropriate to bring this argument to this arena. There’s more than a hint of criticism of those who want, have and enjoy material possessions…. my material possessions don’t define me and if I lost them tomorrow well, it’s not life threatening is it. Annoying, upsetting. But if someone takes them from me, they’d better be able to run fast and hide well for verily I would smite them with the full weight of whatever recourse I had. And there would be tears and there would be pain and there would be a wailing and a gnashing of teeth. And I would feel better for a while.

  68. We were hit, nowhere near as badly, but empathy nonetheless. Hopefully these scum will be brought to what passes for justice, state sponsored or otherwise. Remember…all crimes are paid.

  69. Karma.comes to mind here.take great satisfaction knowing scum like this, end up in prison and have ar more time to defect on there wrongdoing hopefully.
    than you are hurting right now.good luck on the return of your hard earned property

  70. I fear you may trigger low lifes self preservation mode – car and bike torched other items dumped and even if caught the location will be withheld to increase your pain. These are criminals who are probably capable of a lot worse than burglary if motivated. Whilst there is a slight chance your words might have some effect I just hope for your sake and that of your partner that the effect is of a harmless nature. I doubt you have had much dealings with criminals otherwise you wouldn’t be treating the matter as some sort of competition/game.

  71. Hi Ruth, your story really spoke to me. I do hope you get your stuff back and the people who did this are caught. Thinking of you both x

  72. Hiya Ruth, been reading all the comments, so sorry whats happened and so angry for you (we live down the road) these arses don’t have a clue what a day’s work is and will never understand what we know to be the right way. Forget about the material stuff, you will get those back in time. Bit peed off that your neighbours didn’t hear or do anything, I would like to think my neighbours would look after me as I would them. Anyway ignore the idiots that are saying you are bragging, hey are just jealous. Wish you all the best

  73. I was burgled a couple of years ago and I can honestly say it was the worst thing that has ever happened to me so I really feel for you. I couldn’t sleep properly for months afterwards.
    We had a lot of things taken and some of them had sentimental value. Most, though not all of it, could be replaced. For me, the worst part of the experience was the feeling of being violated and the knowledge that scumbags had been through our things and invaided our home (it was as we slept which really freaked me out). The knowledge that someone had been through my underwear drawer was the thing I couldn’t deal with. If someone else has your underwear now, sod ’em, I’d say they are welcome to it after some scumbag has riffled through it. Most of our things were taken from one particular room and it took me a long time before I could even spend go into that room afterwards without the image of intruders rummaging through it in my head.
    We went through a lot of emotions after we were burgled but in the end I was glad that none of our stuff was recovered cos I knew it would have felt dirty if we got it back and I wouldn’t have actually wanted it. If you really want your car back I hope its returned to you but I don’t think I would want it knowing someone else had had their grubby thieving mitts over it.
    Maybe if you’d touched on the emotional trauma in your original post, which for me was the worst part of being burgled , you wouldn’t have got the trolling. I went through a whirlwind of emotions from angry to violated to just generally tearful. Now im mostly just grateful that we didnt disturb the burgulars mid flow and that nobody was hurt. As for the stuff that was taken from you, its just stuff and I hope the insurance company can sort you out soon.
    Burgulars are scum.

    • Thank you so much. I didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of emotion in the original post, I am very, very tearful at the moment, it has brought so much into question, from where I love to who I associate with, it is fully messing with my mind!

      • Ruth I hope you ignore all the negative people on this posting and stick to the positives. I think you are amazingly brave and you have done the right thing. Why should these criminals get away with this? I sometimes think that now people seem to think they are allowed to do this and give some pathetic excuse blaming their up bringing or the fact their Dad died when they were young. Well this is complete and utter bullshit. Someone who does this sort of thing has no excuse, They have a choice. Stand your ground and I do think a dog would be excellent. Loved the comment about the DNA!!!! I hope you are not allergic. Please keep strong and keep smiling x

  74. Bill Drury perhaps you are right that this is not the arena to bring up issues such as materialism or happiness. I do not wish to offend those which value material things; I myself also value the things that I have worked hard to buy. However, I would argue that the worse part about this crime is the emotional trauma and not necessarily the actual loss of items. Perhaps the letter could also have mentioned that, as well as the fact the Nightfire Red, low mileage dream car had been lost. We can always replace the material things we lose, however we can’t easily replace the things which money can’t buy, such as loving friendships and relationships.

    • Almo, there is every probability that we agree. Sure the loss of the material possessions is bad but I’m sure as I read the blog, the emotional trauma was plainly apparent…. but maybe I read what I wanted to read.

  75. shared in wombwell Barnsley
    I know how you feel it happened to us last june xx hope you get some if not all your things minus the knickers …… and as for the idiot’s on here posting nasty comments they don’t know how you feel ! just hope they never have to go through it xx

  76. Ruth we caught our burglars via Gumtree-Even the police were apprehensive about ‘taking them in for questioning’…….they turned up in Holbeck. Needless to say everything had ‘gone’ but they were prosecuted. These people only understand one set of rules ‘what’s yours is theirs’…………

  77. I sincerely hope these people are caught and somehow a public show of them can be made. Before moving to Italy we transferred half of our possessions to our house and they sat there perfectly safe until someone arrived in the dead of night with a van and took the lot. At least we had been considerate enough to pack it all into easy to stack boxes. That said, be positive otherwise this sickening episode will stay with you for too long.

  78. Some ass-hat pried open my van door, which was not even locked to steal a bag containing my first aid certificate, and a pair of xxxl granny panties. Hope they learned a lesson.

  79. I seriously hope you do get the scum bags. Great letter, well done! I hope it helps you dealing with the trauma you’ve suffered and describe so well.

  80. Ruth, any update on this traumatising incident? I’m sorry that all of this happened but you quite very eloquently and passionately about the whole thing, so something can at least be salvaged from the whole mess.

  81. It is extremely concerning just how many people believe that, just by working hard in whatever office or factory they work, it is their God given right to buy and consume anything they wish. While our current economic system is set up to not only permit this, but to actively encourage it, in the end humanity will have to face the massive environmental costs that this causes.

    Unfortunately our children and our children’s children will be the ones that pay. I fear that they will look back at us with disgust at what we have done to squander their futures. Enjoy the party because it’s not going to last.

    • ….. Seriously??!! What a dick! So then you are saying it’s ok to take what isn’t yours?!!

      Your personal belongings are just that YOURS not someone else’s. Regardless of size value or brand. Don’t be a dick – this post is about theft, feelings & emotions – don’t try & take some moral high ground hippy!

  82. Only considered and non-abusive responses please. Abuse just devalues your comments and shows a limited ability to argue your case.

    I am fully aware of what the post is about and I strongly disagree with what these people have done. Have you ever considered, however, what may have driven them to do what they did? Of course, nobody can say with any certainty and there is always the possibility that they are psychopaths (of which around 1 in 100 people show at least some personality traits according to psychologists) meaning that they are largely incapable of feeling guilt or remorse for hurting others through their actions. However, in a society where there is huge disparity between the rich and the poor and where many of the poorest most desperate people are suffering due to a major recession caused by the mistakes of a rich and corrupt banking sector, then is it any real surprise that many turn to stealing?

    p.s. No I am not on benefits, jealous or envious.

    • I know people from all walks of life – from millionaires to people in child benefits with 5 kids and no job, and neither extreme would condone theft.

      There is no way we can blame society or the current economic issues within the war for this – there are jobs out there and there are benefits for people, deciding that ‘crime pays’ is not an acceptable ‘reason’ for their actions.

      If, say, I needed a quick £200 to buy something, I would never go and rob someone – their mentality needs to be changed if anyone can use that as a valid reason.

  83. Yes I agree Ruth that it is not acceptable to steal from others, however there may also be deep seated societal issues also at play here and unfortunately it is not a even playing field. If you are born into a middle class family who lives in the leafy suburbs, you are many times more likely to go to university, for example. However, if you grow up on a council estate, surrounded by failing schools, drugs and crime, then your chances in life are vastly reduced and it is difficult to get out of this cycle of poverty. Hence, with huge inequality and unfairness in this country, it is no surprise that some choose to rob out of desperation. I am not condoning stealing but asserting that this is a deeper problem than it may at first seem.

    • I grew up in a poor area (estate) living with my mum & brother in s 2 bed flat. We never stole from anyone

      My brother worked to put himself through university – he never got a hand-out or student loan.

      I worked as an office junior at 16 & worked hard to become a manager, travelled overseas to the UK -12 years in Yorkshire- where I no longer live & am a successful business owner back in my birth country

      I never stole, burgled, pick pocketed, dealt drugs.

      People make their own choices. They don’t deserve excuses. They have chosen to take rather than earn.

      I am not sure that this is to put food on the family table – there are benefits & food banks for that. These people want to make some money by taking what someone has worked hard for. No excuses are good enough. What if Ruth had come home to them / then what?!

      I have walked into my home to hear noises upstairs – thinking it was from the neighbours house – only to discover someone was up there while I was eating my fish n chips. No excuses.

      Deep seated social issues – or personal choices!!?

  84. Fair comments and there are of course many cases like yours where people overcome the odds by sheer determination and hard work. However, it is a deeply sad that thousands of people in the UK do not receive the opportunities that other wealthier middle class people enjoy, just because of the family and neighbourhood that they were born into. I am saying this as someone who was born into a middle class family and was lucky enough to receive a fantastic education. Having spent the last year living and working in Germany, I feel the need to compare a contrast a few things (although I am very aware that their economy is structured differently to ours).

    Firstly, in Germany relatively few people go to university because there are so many other professional qualifications available for almost every kind of trade and industry. These training qualifications are well respected by firms as nationally recognised certifications. Additionally, practically all education is free (or at very little cost) including higher education. Secondly, in Germany employment rights are much stronger than in the UK and it is comparatively difficult to fire someone, even in the private sector. In the UK, the argument is that firms will be more reluctant to hire staff in the first place, if they can’t get rid of them fast and with relative ease. However, despite this, the Germany economy remains one of the most stable and competitive in the world. German firms are also required by law to establish work councils – these are elected committees of company employees who represent the rights of employees in all matters (similar to a mini union I suppose). Nothing can happen without the final agreement of the work council members. Finally, in Germany there is a very comprehensive and fair welfare system which, for example, makes it possible for parents to choose whether one stays at home to look after the children by providing significant financial support for families who choose to do this.

    • And they make beautiful BMW Mini Coopers in Germany – that are then the temptation of others 😦

  85. Shared on facebook – West Midlands. Will be asking others to share your story. Also, extremely sorry to hear what you and your partner have gone/ going though.

  86. I really hope they find the arseholes who violated your home. My close family friends were burgled while they were away on holiday but their 18 yr old daughter was asleep upstairs – it was only luck they didn’t know she was up there, who knows what would have happened. They took a lot of their family heirlooms, as well as electronics that the girl had worked two jobs and earned. I hope they find them, and that your hard earned valuables get back to you.

  87. Wow that is terrible. My family and I were robbed on holiday and they stole my laptop with all my schoolwork on it and my favourite dress which has been passed through my family for generations. I know its really not as bad as your loss but I know how it feels, I couldnt sleep properly for the rest of the holidays and had nightmares for weeks afterwards xx

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