The Art Of Growing Up When Karma Really Is As Sweet As Candy

It’s been a while since I last blogged, I’ve been stacked out with work and to be honest, was worried how I could ever follow my ‘Open Letter To The people Who Burgled Us’ with something quite as poignant, and to be honest, this blog isn’t it.

I was musing in the shower the other day over the knowledge that I am now an ‘adult’. I know you can’t classify what an adult is, well, unless you’re in the X Factor and are branded as ‘Over 25’ and therefore no longer sipping from the fountain of youth, or if you tick one of the age brackets on surveys that are getting closer to the ‘35+’ selection, but in my case, I have become ‘old’ through the eyes of a child.

This time a few years ago, myself and my blonde counterpart Dianne – otherwise known as ‘Barnsley Blondie’ were tearing up the social scene, drinking pints of ‘bang hard’, meeting for lunch in a town centre and drinking far too much wine before being spurred on to book a holiday or buy a new outfit and immediately go out on the tiles.

Somewhere in between, I have ‘settled down’ and started to request Christmas gifts such as a ‘rice steamer’ and ‘slow cooker’, what young hipsters ask for things like that as a present? Old people, that’s who! I have swapped a puff of ‘Charlie Red’ for the scent of Glade Sense N’ Spray and Comfort fabric softener, and a bottle of wine is now sipped over the course of an evening with my partner, rather than a prerequisite of night out preparation.

Whilst the thought of growing up never occurred to me as a child, I think it’s safe to say I have entered that phase given I now pay a substantial amount off my student loan each month, am in the process of sourcing a pension and share the responsibility of a mortgage, two kittens and two rabbits with my lovely other half.

I am no longer just ‘Ruth’, I am now part of ‘Ruth and Mark’ and you know what, it’s great – not the being ‘old’ thing – but knowing that no matter what happens in life, there will be someone to share it with, a person to help you through all the good times, and a shoulder to cry on throughout the bad.

In the past year we have been burgled and I have lost my grandma, it’s been tough to say the least and I’ve been no saint; there have been a lot of tears and a considerable amount of prosecoo, wine, gin and whiskey  consumed, but I was never alone, and that couldn’t be better.

An interesting and exciting fact that anyone who knew me circa 2011 may recall the Douchebag Chronicles, and my role prior to Ginetta, or more appropriately, my former boss and her wild antics. Well, today an old friend called to tell me that finally, “What goes around, truly has come around.” So whilst I sit atop my ivory tower, embracing being a grown up and all that it involves, I know that the misery I put up with when I was 24, has finally been redeemed.

Karma really is as sweet as Candy

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