Into the New Year we go

Laters 2014… Despite being burgled, my Bam Bam passing away and putting on a stone, it was an alright year. I learned that happiness isn’t materialistic, I have everything I need in the other half of my orange. I also discovered that I can actually ‘do’ marketing and went back to college with a little help from Ginetta. I got a bit of a promotion, and had another incredible motorsport season thanks to having undoubtedly the coolest job in the entire world, which even saw me scream my way through a ‘hot lap’ of Spa Francorchamps before being covered in podium champagne by our GT5 drivers. Not only that, but the ‘perks of the job’ meant I was lost for words following a few laps in the Juno Hypersonic at Silverstone (go do it!). After 10 years of waiting, I visited Dubrovnik (tick that off the bucket list), met Spencer Matthews (scream!) – I hadn’t been waiting for that mind you. I became ‘mum’ to kitties Peggy and Frank and saw my cousin Ryan finally ‘tamed’ as he married the wonderful Sarah. I learnt to ring the bells in my local church but had to quit after getting a strand of rope in my eye and being temporarily blinded. I went to a FastSigns convention with Mark where he won an award and I learnt about the world of sign making and wondered how anyone could have the patience for it. I learned to be happy with myself and not yearn for what figures or belongings others have, but above all, I owe it all to the person who makes me smile everyday, no matter what, he is my sunshine – apart from when he does ridiculous things such as buying a Lotus racing car, a C63 AMG and breaking his ankle, then I get a bit grumpy and the house gets lots of nice flowers…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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