Rocking The Knockers

Nice headline huh? Well, that’s because recently I’ve been at Rockingham and Knockhill with work.

You’ve got to find things to brighten up the rainy days at track, and a particular highlight of the past month was encouraging our lovely Grid Girl / Front of House doris Lauren to bring Euros to the  Scottish circuit.

Although she has had the absolute p*ss ripped out of her, mainly due to the below Whatsapp conversation, it’s probably about time to confess it was all a bit of a wind up. Being the absolute nutcase that she is, Redders managed to convince the people at Currency Exchange to let her pose with a wad of notes in order to trick us all into thinking she had actually been dippy enough to buy Euros.

Poor Lauren

It’s not often you find someone who can make you laugh so much that your face hurts, but Lauren really is one of those people, and when she jets off to Australia for a year to fend off killer spiders and snakes (not that they climb up to top floor apartments) we are going to miss her loads.

I’ve also been making lots of lovely new ‘proper’ friends in the BTCC media room (although not proper enough to be a part of their secret whatsapp group) who are an absolute blast, “Boobs with nipples?” and I am sad that we only have two weekends of excitement remaining.

Apparently we’re all going Go-Karting at Brands. Considering I have never been in a kart and can hardly drive a real car, I don’t think this is going to go well. I may have to just be the flag waver or a marshal for the night. They can drink Gin right?

Speaking of Gin (or lack of) in fat club news, I’ve somehow managed to lose a stone and three pounds now, with just four of the bloody LBS to go before I become a ‘target member’ and get to go to the classes for free. I really need to drop another half a stone to be honest, but I also REALLY need a night in with cheese and Prosecco.

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