That Day Boris Johnson Enjoyed Doughnuts In A Ginetta

Anyone who follows my social media accounts (or just watched the news last night) may have seen that Boris Johnson made a visit t’North yesterday and only went and pencilled in a visit to Ginetta on his sightseeing tour of Yorkshire.

Now, who wouldn’t want to see our factory if they were in the vicinity, it really is a sight to behold? Yet, probably the real reason Boris popped over was to meet with the Gaffer himself and to chat about all things Brexit (the stickers on the Ginetta G60 they took out for a spin gave that bit away).

I’m one of those really terrible people who knows not a lot about politics. I’ve been brought up reading the Daily Express (blame the parents) so a lot of my personal opinions are based upon a frustration with healthy people preferring to claim benefits rather than going out and earning a wage and of course, the growing threat from migrants trying to jump on a train (literally), whizz on through the Channel Tunnel, get a few free treatments from the NHS and, worst case scenario, forming an ISIS terror cell in the next village.

So when it comes to Brexit vs. Bremain I really didn’t have a clue. I’d listen to what my dad / Lawrence / my mentor Fiona had to say and change my mind with every conversation. I even did a quiz on the Daily Mirror to determine which way I should vote, and after answering 10 questions I didn’t really understand it told me; “You are Nigel Farage” which even I know isn’t true. So that left me even more confused. Never believe what you read in the tabloids kids.


To cut what is turning into a long story, short, Boris ended up having an impromptu Q & A session with some of the LNT Group employees where he shared with us his reasoning’s for wanting to leave the EU and commented on some of the burning issues we ‘the people’ wanted to know about.

There’s no denying he’s a passionate bloke. His delivery of the ‘facts’ are done in such a way that make people like me – ie. The Uninformed – really think he’s right. Plus he let Lawrence do doughnuts with him on the Helipad and posed for photos with my good self (any excuse for a few Instagram likes). However, I wonder if I had a conversation with Bremain spokesperson, then I’d be feeling the complete opposite.

I’m really confused, and I don’t want to make the wrong decision. What do you all think is the right thing to do and what will be the key benefits to either vote? I genuinely feel that everything I read online is skewed one way or the other.  Help….


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