Love, Best Friends and Marketing Campaigns

The end of the 2016 race season is almost here and what a year it’s been. I don’t think any of my five years as part of the Ginetta Family has been as eventful as this one, what with blossoming romances, rediscovered friendships and being let loose on developing a new brand image for Ginetta.

The year kicked off in fabulous style as we launched our brand new Ginetta G57 at the Autosport International Show, to what (rumour has it) was one of the biggest crowds the show ever had for a new car launch. (Journalists words, not mine, but I’m rolling with it).

The best thing? When our promo girl dropped out at the last minute, I decided to draft in a pretty blonde I knew from university who I’d not seen in a while, Lo Parsons. From the moment she arrived, it was like we’d never been apart. Over the past nine months, we have grown to become the best of friends. She brings sunshine to even the rainiest of days (even during the monsoon at Rockingham last month) and I am so happy she’s found her way back into my life.

The one bad thing is, having to share her. As an only child, I’m not a fan of sharing, and now I have to compete with none other than real-life BTCC driver Adam Morgan when it comes to Lo-time. The relevance? Well, I set them up. I fancy myself as a bit of a Cilla Black from time to time (I just like meddling in other peoples business really) and now Lo has found herself head over heels with her very own superstar. I still love her most though. Okay?


So that’s it, the season is closing and this weekend could well be my last as part of the British GT support paddock. As Ginetta has grown so wonderfully over these past few years, I’m looking at focusing now on the continued support of the BTCC as well as the promotion of the awesome prototypes we build here at Ginetta HQ – there’s only so much of me to go around guys – and as a result this means TRAVEL! Yippee!! Although, anyone who knows me knows how hideously afraid of flying I am, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

What a fabulous year it’s been. Looking back through my Instagram selfies, as well as the adverts which are starting to emerge promoting the We Are Ginetta campaign is fantastic. To think I’ve come from blagging my way into a job here after meeting Lawrence at the Autosport Show, to now being trusted enough to launch a whole PR and Marketing campaign simply blows my mind. Not only that but having been a fan; watching the likes of Louise Goodman presenting BTCC coverage, Paul O’Neil racing, Richard John Neil commentating and Titch and Hydey on circuit commentary, to now be able to work alongside them and feel confident enough in my own ability to speak to them, I feel so very lucky.

Yes, of course I look at other PR people who cross my path and I dream of being as good as they are (Rebecca Jones, I’m looking at you girl) but really, I think I just need to take a step back and appreciate how far I’ve come, and look forward to the continued journey of growth. Not many folks can get up every single day and love what they do. I am one of the very privileged few.

Happy days.




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