Going topless, breaking the lockers and blagging our way into the baths. Swim 22 is go…

The Swim 22 Challenge is well and truly go for the Mirfield Massive (that’s Clare and I). Day one was a complete and utter nightmare, firstly no one at the sports centre knew anything of our challenge so we’re stood there in our swimming costumes trying to convince this poor lad we didn’t get up at 6am to try and get a free swim. Once we had blagged our way inside, I managed to break the locker and get my ‘born to shop’ token wedged inside the £1 slot and had to call for help. Then, in all the drama, I forgot to take all of my clothes off and proceeded to climb into the pool with my t-shirt (that I was planning to wear for work) still on. Great.

Despite the mishaps, I managed to plug in 30 lengths on day one whilst Clare – who does that fancy swim with your arms over your head (front crawl she’s shouted) – managed a handful more. Thursday saw us notch up the same again, minus the pre-swim drama. Today, after a weekend of prosecco, cocktails and naughty food, we were in the pool 15 minutes early and notched up 86 lengths between us. Not bad huh?

So, in total, over the first three days of the challenge, we’ve managed a total of 4.39 miles and we’re feeling great. Seen as though I am facing the hell which will become ‘wedding dress shopping’ on Saturday, I’m determined to do well at this challenge and look ‘proper hot’ by the time I get married. I know I might have to stop eating and drinking in the meantime, but swimming counts as exercise right? I think I might even keep this up once the challenge ends, I’m enjoying it that much.

We’ve had a handful of donations already and we’re super grateful to those folks, plus we must say thanks to those legends at Kirklees Active Leisure (and the staff at Dewsbury Sports Centre) for allowing us to swim free of charge for the duration of the challenge.

If you want to donate, there’s a JustGiving page here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/clare-davies32



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