Beauty Buddies… Birchbox vs. Glossybox?

Following on from my last post around trying new make-up and skincare routines, I decided to subscribe to Glossybox and Birchbox. I find myself fluctuating between loving the idea of the subscription box to absolutely hating ‘wasting’ my money on things I’d never use. I could just spend my £15 (or thereabouts) on a product I’d actually use.

With the wedding in six months(ish) and having made the decision not to spend a fortune on a make-up artist who won’t let me keep any of her magical tools, but to just find some products I like, go to one of their concessions in House of Fraser and get them to show me what I need and how to use it, it’s about time I had a test of some of the leading lights.

Anyway, in a moment of absolute madness, I decided to sign up for both for a month or two and then bin the ‘worst’ suited to me off after that time. If neither works, I’m going back to Bloom and Wild in order to boost my inner-beauty by looking at pretty flowers.

Both boxes arrived today, and on the face of it (haha) it looks as though the Birchbox is just that little bit ahead in terms of suitability and price. I haven’t used anything yet, so I may be totally wrong, but here’s what I have garnered from poking around in the box.




Still my favourite in terms of the presentation and packaging, each layer of the box – from the cardboard outer ‘envelope’ with it’s pretty polka dots – to the cute pink box which conceals all your goodies.  There’s that sense of excitement as you lift the lid and see the tissue paper tied with a black bow, ready to be unwrapped.

Delving in, the first thing that caught my eye was the Sleek Eye and Cheek Palette. I have a YSL palette that I use every day. Now, I’m not namedropping here, I use the YSL products because they were a gift. They don’t really suit me at all, but they were free so I’m sure as hell going to wear them rather than buy something else. Now I’ve got this though, I can replace the slightly unloved eyeshadows with this much more suitable selection and pop the expensive collection in my gym bag to make me look ‘well posh’ when I’m in the changing rooms after a sweat session.

Dr PawPaw’s multi-purpose balm was straight on my hair, which is slightly fizzy from a morning spent in the swimming pool. It immediately smells a whole lot better and brings what was a bit of a birds nest back under control and looking rather nice.

The blusher is just a little too on the coral side for me, so I’ve palmed that off onto a girl who likes a good fake tan session. She’s already splashed it on her cheekbones and she looks alright. Still a bit orange, but at least her blusher is on point.

I also received a charcoal body scrub and some foot cream. I don’t think the office would take too kindly to me stripping off and scrubbing myself, nor to whacking my feet on the desk for a pamper, so I will give these the once over when I’m at home and let you know.

To sign up yourself, click here.




Although the ‘box opening ceremony’ isn’t quite as exciting as that of a Glossybox, I was thrilled to see what was waiting for me inside my little beauty box. My ‘new member’ prize as a Benefit box set of tinted primer, mascara and eye makeup remover. Now, I already own all three of these (I love Benefit) but it’s always handy to have travel-sized products as I fly away a lot with work these days.

They say a girl can never have too much make up, and that’s just as well as I received another mascara courtesy of Doucce. This is the first time I’ve ever seen / heard of this brand, so I’m looking forward to trialling them tomorrow morning. I’m also in love with the Laura Mercier product. This is a brand I’ve been meaning to try for SO long, but scared to delve in because of the price tag. I’d say this was the gift I was most excited for, as it gives me a chance to trial the product before heading out to buy a collection.

Finally, I’ve got my paws on Beauty Protector’s Volume Spray. Firstly, I LOVE this brand, but as someone with the thickest hair known to man, I don’t really fancy any additional volume. I’m planning to keep it in my hair armoury in case I ever decide to rock a big bouffant on a night out in the future.

The Marsk eye powder looks interesting. I went for a dark colour because I love a good smokey eye. Now it’s arrived though, I feel a bit scared and wish I’d ordered the light colour as I know I’ll probably end up looking like a middle-aged goth the first time I try to apply it.

The Whish body cream smells delicious when I gave it a bit of a test on my hands. Although I can’t give this a run test until I jump out of the shower tonight, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a winner.

To sign up yourself, click here.


    • I know. I keep saying “next time I get a rubbish subscription box I’ll cancel” and then I never do. I shudder to think how much stuff I want I could buy

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