How to exercise without even realising (yes, really)

I am sure I’m one of the millions of people in the UK who begrudges going to the gym. I mean really, why are there girls in my office who eat ZERO healthy food but still look amazing? 

New figures show a quarter of adults in the UK do not manage even 30 minutes of exercise a week. (Source) Luckily for me (and you) by putting a bit of extra spring in our steps, we can up our keep fit games. Those brainy folk over at AXA PPP healthcare suggest how we can improve the hidden walks of life that we do every day or could include in our weekly routines.

Shop harder


A serious shopping expedition is like a good long walk carrying increasing amounts of luggage.   Research in female shopping habits shows that an average 7,305 steps are taken on each shopping spree, almost three quarters of the 10,000 daily number recommended.  (Source)

Get a dog (I hope my fiance is reading this)


Having a dog is a great incentive to get out for a walk every day whatever the weather – even when you don’t feel like it. The Kennel Club says every dog owner has a duty of care to make sure that their dog gets at least one walk every day. (Source)    According to PET MD, although exercise needs are based on a dog’s age, breed, size and overall health, breeds in the hunting, working, or herding groups (for example Labrador retrievers, hounds, collies and shepherds) will need the most exercise.  (Source)

Walk to school


The government’s National Travel Survey  showed that the average walk to secondary school is 25 minutes, so it’s a great way for most to rack up at least 30 minutes a day, but only 38 per cent of secondary school pupils aged 11-16 walk to school at the moment.

Less than half Primary School children walk to school and Walk to School Week says: “We know that walking to school makes children feel healthier and happier, while reducing congestion and pollution outside the school gates.” (Source)

Walk at work


The lunch hour at work is increasingly recommended as the best time for a 30 minute walk, with numerous workplace and university walking groups cropping all over the country. (Source) Or even start to take public transport and walk the rest to work. (Source)

Take up golf


Playing golf is a great reason to take a good walk in the open air of at last 30 minutes, but it’s a sport enjoyed mostly by men.  Approximately one in 10 golfers is in the UK is female.  National Golf Month highlights the health benefits of playing the game and is encouraging more women to take part by offering thousands of free taster lessons all over the country just for females.


Read it all? No excuses now. Off I go to walk to Tesco for my lunch. Yes, I’ll be getting a salad.

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