Do me a (wedding) favour.

Wedding favours.

Are they still a thing? Are they really necessary or are they just a waste of money?

I love everyone coming to the Harrison-Davies nuptials, but is a handful of confetti, three course meal, shed load of booze and a proper wicked disco not enough? If I don’t grace everyone’s placeholder with a trio of sugared almonds am I going to go down in history as a failed bridal hostess? If I should , shouldn’t it be something worthwhile and not just for the sake of it?

Considering Mark really doesn’t like almonds, and those little champagne bottles of bubbles end up all over your hands, I thought I’d look into alternative gifts for my guests before I decided whether or not to can the tradition after all. I was thinking something charitable or something quirky.

These days, you can benefit all manner of charities through your wedding, whether it be Cancer Support and Research, Health Charities, Humanitarian Crisis Charities, Children’s Charities or Animal Charities. To give me some giftspiration, I asked those ‘helpful’ folks on the Gorkana Alerts pages to hook me with any images / ideas they had on their books, but got all of TWO responses, so they rank top purely out of PR to PR respect (take heed snobby PR folks, I’m asking for weight loss tips next).

Here’s what I’ve come up with, what do you folks reckon?

Anthony Nolan

favour 1favour 2

For a charitable gift, these are just the ticket. Anthony Nolan works to find stem cell donors for people with blood cancer and blood disorders, and carrying out pioneering research to make treatments more effective. For those on a budget, there’s some unisex unity bands for £2 each whilst for those feeling a little flush, you can pick up a little plant pot for £4.99, with your choice of Daisy, Strawberry or Forget-Me-Not.


Wedding Stories

High res_cover image Wedding Stories

If you REALLY want to impress, what about a bouquet of great wedding stories (pardon the pun). It’s a delightful book which touches on comic wedding mishaps, engagements broken and mended, honeymoon adventures, and scenes both heart-warming and heart-breaking.  It’s a tidy $16 per book so probably not one for those brides on a budget, but still a great little treat if money is no object!


Cancer Research UK

Cancer research

This was my early favourite as someone whose parents have both fought cancer recently. They stock lots of little badges (suitable for males and females) and you make a suggested donation of £2.00 per guest for Cancer Research UK badges and £2.50 for exclusive badges by bridal designers Elizabeth Stuart, Suzanne Neville, Jenny Packham and jewellery designer Alex Monroe.


Macmillan Cancer Support


These have been the most helpful in terms of customer service. I emailed a load of questions and the lady (Katie MacKichan) there was a dream. I’ve had experience of Macmillian and the work they do is absolutely phenomenal. What a truly humbling job these people do day in and day out. I take my hats off to them.



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