When Ruth & Lo met Pep & Lekker

After five days saying goodbye to my twenties and “hello thirty” in Krakow, Poland, the cheap vodka and plethora of dumplings has gotten the best of me.  Luckily, before I left for my city break, I’d organised a delivery of a three day soup cleanse from the lovely folks at Pep & Lekker for my return.

Naturally, as I’m supposed to be getting ‘wedding ready’ I’ve roped in my best mate and future Maid of Honour, Lo Parsons in to join me on our cleansing journey for moral support. It’s always so much easier when you have a friend experiencing things with you – mainly because she’ll be able to talk me out of eating a Mars bar at three in the afternoon.

I’ve done various juice cleanses before and have felt great after them, but the two things I missed was 1) solid food and 2) warm food. The main USP for the Pep & Lekker Cleanse is the fact that you can have hot soup (I love soup) and also these delicious nutty bites.

Cleanse delivery

Both Lo and I seem to constantly be on some kind of weight loss / fitness plan. We’re usually pretty darn good, and then our chef during BTCC weekends brings out the most amazing dishes and our noses lead us astray. So finding something that can match Matt Pritchard’s steak pie is a real challenge for us both. Luckily, we aren’t away again until the end of this month, so we have plenty of time to make amends / room for his special creations.

So, today marks day one for both of us. We’ve got three days’ worth of broths (four mugfuls per day) six amazingly bright looking soups (two per day) and nine little snack boxes of nuts and seeds (which I already had one of this morning and they are delicious).

We’ll be posting about our experiences during each day of the cleanse so if anyone is thinking of giving it a go, you’ll hear first-hand from a pair of serial dieters, just what it’s like. But first, here’s what Pep & Lekker had to say…


The Delicious Soup Cleanse & Detox Company.

Made with love, Pep & Lekker’s scrumptious homemade, all natural soups are delicious and ridiculously healthy.

Perfect for cleanses, detoxes, for dieters or just about anyone that wants to eat healthily and cut back on sugar. All of our soups are made from organic vegetables, packed with nourishing vegetable protein. They’re creamy with blended nuts and are gluten and dairy free too. 

They’re honestly the healthiest and tastiest soups you will find. No flours, potato, starch, yeasts or sugars and our stock is made from fresh vegetables and fresh herbs – just like you’d make at home… if you had the time! 

Suitable for vegans – with the portion of nutty seed bites that comes with every pack, our soups are a balanced, nutritious and satisfying meal in themselves.

But no matter what we say, you’ll only realise just how special Pep & Lekker soups are when you taste them. So, go on, make your order today… and if you don’t agree they’re the most healthy and delicious soups ever, we will give you your money back! 



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