When Ruth & Lo met Pep & Lekker : Day One

Yesterday I introduced you to those wonderful folks at Pep & Lekker who have equipped myself and my BFF Lo with a trial of their soup cleanse. We’ve just completed our first day on the three-day programme, and this is how we’re getting on.

 Lo’s Diary

Day one down, onto day two. I feel quite positive. I didn’t struggle too much with hunger pangs yesterday, and managed to do a full work out with relative ease. The soups are very light and fresh, and have some really nice diverse flavours, so I’m actually enjoying this as far as cleanses go.

I have to say I really, really love the broth. It seems to be the magic element that keeps me from feeling hungry. It tastes lovely, and drinks very easily. That being said, I genuinely believe a nice grating of parmesan would top it off perfectly, is vegan parmesan a thing?


Ruth’s Diary

Let’s start with a positive. The soups. Wow. Come and live at my house whoever makes those! So far I’ve had ‘Gorgeous Green’  and ‘Ravishing Red’ and that are sublime. I’m a huge soup lover and I would genuinely choose these for lunch. They are absolutely packed full of flavour and prefect for your lunch.

Another huge tick is for the nutty bite snack pots. They are delicious. Lo and myself are absolutely raving about them and wondering how we make some of our own for after the cleanse has finished. Huge winner there.

I know what you’re all wanting to know… “Are you starving?” Well on day one yes, I was pretty hungry. BUT that was my own fault. I’d not properly prepared and stocked up on any of the ‘permitted’ foods (green salad, artichoke, apples, beetroot) so I spent the day living off broth and seeds. Today I’m feeling much better thanks to my little Tesco picnic – but more on that tomorrow.

Pep&Lekker lunch

The main thing I’m having difficulty with is caffeine withdrawal. I’m a full on coffee fiend and by midday I had a banging headache. So much so that I couldn’t even face my lunchtime workout session.

Finally, and unlike Lo, I’m not a huge lover of the broth you have four times a day. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice, but it’s just missing that extra something that makes having it in place of breakfast (I usually have fruit and yoghurt) a little tough to swallow. Once I’ve had a few mouthfuls, I can’t manage much more. I’m sure with a touch of extra seasoning it would be magic.

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