Pep & Lekker, I Feel Better

It’s been a week since starting the Pep & Lekker Soup Cleanse, and five days since I went back to ‘normal’ food. Considering just how starving I was this time last week – granted, I hadn’t realised I could eat some salad and vegetables whilst on the cleanse – I feel a million dollar now.

You know when you need a foot up your backside to get you going with something, but once you’re on a roll it’s all good. That’s how I have been with my wedding preparations. Each week I think “I’ll start really knuckling down to it next Monday.” Of course, Monday never comes.

Once I’d spoken to Susan at Pep & Lekker about the soup cleanse, I really thought ‘this is it’ and oh my days it’s turned my world around. The cleanse itself is awesome. Once you’ve gotten over the caffeine withdrawal and managed to regulate your consumption of their awesome snack pots it really is a game changer.

Although I couldn’t manage any more of the broth after midday on the second day, I replaced my hunger pangs with an apple. Little did I know to begin with, but the team at Pep & Lekker offer an apple pot replacement if the broth isn’t for you

The main selling point for me is the fact that the soups are delicious. No joke. People think of cleanses and they think of vegetable smoothies and a complete loss of social life. This is the complete opposite and if you like soup and are thinking of trialling a cleanse, I can’t encourage you enough to try this one.

By the third and final day, I felt I had much more energy and psychologically, my body felt cleaner. So much so, that it motivated me to rejoin my gym and I’ve not eaten a ‘rubbish’ meal since finishing the cleanse, something I never thought possible. I find it ever so easy to grab a Tesco sandwich or a takeaway when I’m busy, but the fact that I feel great and I’ve thrown myself back into keeping fit is helping me stick to a healthy eating plan, as to not ruin the effects of the cleanse. I’ve found myself stocking up on lean meat and salad and preparing my meals as I need them. Again, something I’ve never really done in the past.

So ladies and gents, if you need a bit of a boot up your backside like I did, and your scouring the markets for a good deal on Protein World, Slim Fast, Juice Plus or Herbalife, I encourage you to give Pep & Lekker a try first. They’ll give you the kick start you need to overhaul you’re eating routine by showing you that healthy food doesn’t mean boring food. Once you’ve had your mind changed, the rest will follow. It did with me at least. I’ve even deleted the JustEat app from my phone, and that’s saying something

Bravo Pep & Lekker, I’ll be back.

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