The Way To Get A Love Island Body. Kinda.

Okay, I’ll admit it, that headline was misleading. There’s no way on this earth I could transform my body into that of Montana from Love Island. I’m cool with that. I’ll just hold onto the hope that one day she’ll be my BFF as she’s without a doubt the best personality of the bunch.

Anyway, whilst most of us don’t have a spray tanning booth in our spare room and the motivation to look like we walked straight out of a magazine, what we do love, is Love Island. So let’s celebrate the sheer joy of this year’s epic series with these tshirts from retail hero, Primark.

Now I know if you buy a nice dress from Primark, chances are you’re going to see someone else wearing it before too long (#fashionfail) but with their epic line of Love Island tshirts, we can all celebrate in our guilty pleasure together. Who cares if that bloke two rows down on the train has #muggy on his chest? It shows he’s in touch with his feminine side. Or just likes looking at women strutting around in nothing more than a few stretchy triangles.

Personally I am L-O-V-I-N-G the “I Used To Be In Blazing Squad” tee, and need it in my life for the gym. Did I mention I’ve just joined a gym? Wardrobe overhaul required. The best part is, each t-shirt is just £6. Yes, that’s less than two pints of lager and a packet of crisps down my local. The only problem is, with six t-shirts and six pound apiece… I really want one of each, and that’s going to set me back £36. Considering I’m contemplating spending £15 (plus P&P) on one of those amazing Love Island water bottles, I think I need to look at my priorities. Or perhaps at getting a social life?

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