You’ve got the (multi)power

How good is it when you discover one of your buddies has bagged a job looking after PR for a really cool brand? Luckily for me, when I saw an email from Performance Communications land in my inbox regarding Multipower 40% Protein Fit bars it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Having recently re-joined my local gym in a bid to get in shape before the big day, I’ve been heading to classes straight from work (or first thing on a Sunday morning). This usually means I arrive at the sports centre hungry and already demotivated. Then during the workout my mind wanders to thoughts of whether I’ve burnt enough calories to order a Domino’s.

I’ll be honest, protein bars are not something I’ve ever really eaten. Not through lack of interest, but mainly because if it comes in a bar and it doesn’t have ‘Snickers’ on the packaging I’m not usually all that into it. Given that I’m now a sponge for new training and eating techniques, I thought I’d ask my PR friends for a cheeky few samples to try out.

Imagine my sheer delight when I got an envelope full of the new Multipower 40% Protein Fit to try out with a sample of each flavour; Peach Yoghurt, Blue Vanilla and Chocolate Almond. In the past week I’ve tried each one, with the Chocolate Almond the clear winner in terms of taste, whilst the Blue Vanilla is a really cheeky number.


But who are they? Founded in 1977, Multipower has over 30 years experience in developing and manufacturing sports foods. Since then they team have been continually developing their product portfolio and now reach athletes in 36 countries worldwide. Seriously, just check out their website, it’s like a gym bunny’s heaven.

The bars themselves are absolutely ideal for fulfilling that sugar craving and perfect for topping up your protein intake throughout the day or after training. Each bar contains 14g of protein with less than 1 g of sugar and all for less than under 135 calories. Get in.

Now that I’ve got my protein bars sorted for the next fortnight, plus a diary full of fitness classes to attend I’m all set to look like a Victoria’s Secret model by this time next month. Right? Okay, by November then.

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