Get Festi-Fit (with videos)

Getting that all important ticket might seem like the toughest challenge when planning a festival trip but as all seasoned festival goers know, battling through the crowds to see your favourite band on the main stage doesn’t come without putting in the work. David Lloyd Clubs have come to the rescue with a few simple moves to give festival lovers the strength to tackle whatever the experience throws at them. Looking good in the shortest of shorts will just come as a bonus.

This new bespoke workout consists of squats, leaps and lunges to ensure festi-fans are fighting fit and armed with the stamina, strength and skills they need to battle through mud, the dreaded trek to camp and the even more anticipated toilet situation. The routine even includes a yoga stretch for that all important recovery mode. A pair of wellies as added weights will supercharge the workout. Simply double click the image to play each exercise as recommended by Alastair Crew, Fitness Expert for David Lloyd Clubs and demonstrated by David Castro-Pearson, Personal Trainer at David Lloyd Fulham.




giphy-downsized-large (4)


Everyone intends to pack light but with there are so many essentials on the list and no one realises just how much it all weighs until it’s too late. Preparation is key; building strength will enable loaded up ladies and gents to arrive at camp still smiling.

Grab a heavy CORE bag (rucksack or a friend) lift up and over to sit comfortable on your shoulders and aim for x10 lunges. Swap direction and repeat for x 10 more. This move will train the shoulders to tackle bags, tents, even friends on shoulders.



giphy-downsized-large (1)


This move prepares for the worst; when you just want to get home and have a hot shower but the mud and the car just aren’t getting along. Practising this move and building upper body strength will not be regretted.

Get your hands on a TiYR™ (or just a good old tractor tyre) ensure it is flat on the floor NOT standing up (that would be way too easy!) and sprint with all your power to push that TiYR™ along the floor. Aim for 20 secs maximum effort, followed by 10secs recovery, x 4 rounds.





This move needs no introduction. It’s the part of the festival experience.  Sit deep, feet hip-width apart, hips parallel or just below knee height, squat and release x 10. Next, sit deep, this time hold a wide sumo squat for 45 secs.





A bag in each hand, one on the back, one on the front is a common set up for festival goers. The long walk can be made a little easier with this simple but effective arm strengthener.

Grab some heavy kettlebells or dumbbells (or your heavy festival bags). Walk for about 10 feet for x10 rounds; give yourself a 10secs breather between each walk.



giphy-downsized-large (3)

Inevitably, if festivalling in Britain, puddles are fully expected. But getting stuck in the mud could put a downer on things for the hardiest of party animals. A great one for the kids to, this move will ensure every member of the family is ready for puddle fun.

Jump and travel from side to side like you were ice skating, if you don’t have access to puddles!…you can just use cones as a target to jump over. Placing 10 cones in a straight line on the floor – jump over the cones from side to side until you reach the end. Repeat.



giphy-downsized-large (2)

When the walk to the campsite is over and the tent is up, a sigh of relief is shared “we’ve made it”. After all that lifting and getting into weird positions when erecting the tent, wind down and mobilize the body with a restorative yoga sequence.

Get down onto the floor, from a push-up position push your hips to the sky (you should look like an upside down V) drive your heels to the floor. Push back into push up position for an upward dog – have the arms by the side of the body, with elbows bent push the palm of the hands into the floor, lift the head, chest, abdomen, hips, thighs and knees off the floor until you are balancing on your feet and hands with arms straight. It is important not to compress the lumbar discs, so if it feels too strong for you carefully lower the legs down on to the floor.

Swap the kettle bells for bell tents and enjoy a summer of festival heaven!

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