So many products, so little clarity

If you’re anything like me, chances are you have absolutely no idea what you should / shouldn’t be doing in order to look after your skin and maintain your health and wellbeing. That isn’t for lack of trying mind you, it’s mainly due to the conflicting health messages taking over the women’s magazines and of course, the internet. (See the latest purchase I made – cleavage cream – after hearing I need to use that or end up with ‘chicken skin’).

Whether a glass of wine is bad for you, whether it’s better to eat a low carb or a low fat diet and if expensive anti-ageing creams really work. A recent study by E45 (now that’s a brand I am a fan of!) found that a staggering 81 percent of women feel baffled by an information overload. Yes, you don’t say.

It’s also unsurprising to hear that a quarter of women confesses that they are not happy in their own skin and would like to look and feel better. Count me in that bracket kids. My lifestyle is a ‘beauty stew’ of everything I’ve been fed by the media, and (unsurprisingly) I picked out the tips I most like the sound of, and still look like an overweight thirty year old with no idea about hair and beauty.

Luckily for me though (hello free samples?) Olympic boxer Nicola Adams OBE has joined the E45 squad as a brand ambassador and will be spearheading their ‘Straight Up Skincare’ campaign. She said: “I’m incredibly proud, and excited, to be partnering with E45 as their ambassador to launch ‘Straight Up Skincare.’ I wholeheartedly support their ambition to encourage women to live less complicated, straightforward lives

“In and out of the boxing ring, I always try to live life ‘straight up’ and without fuss, given how hectic life can be. It’s clear that a lot of UK women want to do the same, however they feel overloaded with information. I think that’s the reason that this campaign will resonate with so many people up and down the country.”

In case you were wondering, here are the top 35 questions UK women find most confusing. I wonder how many of these apply to you. Annoying though, E45 didn’t provide answers to these burning issues. So only read on if you’re prepared to spend the rest of your evening on Google. 

 1. Do expensive anti-ageing creams really work

2. What is healthier, a low fat or low carb diet

3. How much water should you drink every day

4. Are diet drinks worse for you than drinks with sugar

5. Should you cut bread out of your diet completely

6. Are low fat foods all full of sugar

7. Is coffee bad for you

8. Is red meat healthy or not

9. Will washing my hair everyday dry it out

10. Is running good for your heart or bad for your joints

11. What is better to do cardio or strength exercises

12. If you pluck a grey hair, will more appear

13. Should you cleanse, tone AND moisturise every day

14. Should you eat dairy or not

15. Will shaving your legs make my hair grow back thicker

16. How much water should you drink

17. Is a glass of wine bad for you

18. Will eating butter clog your arteries

19. Are avocados healthy or fattening

20. Should you take a day’s rest between exercise days

21. Is it better to have a fizzy drink or an alcoholic one

22. Will products on the skin clog it up

23. Is sparkling water bad for your teeth

24. Is olive oil good for you

25. Will chocolate give you spots

26. Will lifting heavy weights bulk you up or make you lose weight

27. Should you pluck your eyebrows

28. Is retinol good or bad for the skin

29. Is it OK for your skin to have the odd sun bed

30. Will sunbathing age your skin

31. Are prawns healthy or full of cholesterol

32. Is fruit a carbohydrate

33. Will high heels make you look thinner or give me bunions

34. Will botox make you look older

35. Should you drink Guinness when pregnant

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