My First Influenster Box – Max Factor

You know what is better than buying make-up? Getting make-up samples delivered to your door, courtesy of the superb folks at Influenster UK.

Earlier this month, my first ever box of complementary review treats arrived courtesy of Max Factor and I could hardly contain my excitement. So much so that I could not wait for 5pm to give myself a makeover with my new treats – and convince my better half that we needed to go out for a meal so I could test the staying power of the products. Cunning eh?


Honey Lacquer Gloss

Well this was a treat and a half. I absolutely loved the feel of the gloss on my lips. I don’t often wear gloss because my hair usually ends up stuck in it and it drives me bonkers, but a little slick of the gloss was enough to give a colour pop, without me having to avoid stepping outside and into the British weather.  It had pretty good staying power too considering I didn’t layer it on like a woman possessed. I had a glass of prosecco (standard) and a cannelloni (yes, I know I’m supposed to be on a wedding diet) but you could still see a hint of the pink by the time we had finished. A quick top up and I was good for another few hours.

The only downside was the colouring. (Influenster aren’t to know my colour palette though. Well, not yet anyway.)  I received Honey Lilac where I’m far more of a Blooming Berry / Regale Burgundy kind of girl. As a result, this shade was a little too Barbie pink for me, but luckily my BFF Lo has blonde hair and L-O-V-E-S pink, so she was well impressed when I gifted this sample to her after my trial.


Colour Elixir Lipstick

Now we’re talking. I’m a sucker for a lipstick and this is a winner with me.  The depth of the colour is something I haven’t really got on well with before – I usually go for a flat, dark matte – but this really made me feel quite glamourous as the pink shade had a luxurious shine.

It has superb staying power (more so than the gloss) and paired with the Universal Lip Liner we were cooking with gas. Again, the colour wasn’t quite right and it probably wouldn’t replace my current product on that basis alone. However, if I had the chance to get my hands on Mulberry or Rasin, I would 100% give it a whirl as my daily colour.


Verdict – 8.5 / 10


Fantastic product and well recommended. If it wasn’t for the shades I received, these would have received a 10/10.


    • Yep. I have the app too and it’s annoying that you can only review mainly US products to gain “badges” but I’m in the UK and just got my first box so stick with it xx

      • Okay I was just worried I was on the wrong platform as I see loads of people in the US getting emails about boxes and no many UK So just wanted to make sure I was okay… thanks! Xx

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