So many lipsticks, so little handbag space

Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good, strong lip. I adore lipsticks and seem to spend a large proportion of my monthly wage on lipsticks I don’t really need, much to the annoyance of my other half, who can’t understand why I have no money left to do an Asda big shop. Anyway. I’ve been through my make up bag and decided to share with you my lipstick / gloss / balm must-haves this month.


Chanel Rouge Allure – Coramandel / Pirate (£28)

Chanel is my handbag make-up bag staple. I wear either Coramandel or Pirate on a daily basis because, well, Chanel baby. The staying power is one of the best I’ve ever used and the classic red colour is absolutely delightful. It looks great against my (new) brown hair and is definitely a must-have for any girl who likes a bold lip.


Let’s face it. You can’t go wrong with a Chanel lippy. I treat myself to a new one each time I head through Duty Free and plan to acquire loads on my forthcoming honeymoon.


No7 Matte Lip Crayon – Rasberry Red (£9)

If you see me on a Ginetta race weekend, this is the product I’ll be rocking. It’s in my signature plummy/pink/red kind of shade and has the staying power of, well, something that stays for a really long time. I can pop it on in the morning after breakfast, do a full morning of motorsport media ‘stuff’ and only really reapply after lunch. My lips will still be coloured after lunch, but they lose their ‘pop’ after I’ve wolfed down a huge lasagna (with garlic bread.)


No7 High Shine Lip Gloss – Pink Hydrangea (£9)

I’m not really that big a fan of gloss, but sometimes on an evening (when I’m not wearing much makeup) I like to have something ‘there’ – I’m not a fan of a naked lip – so a sweep of this is just the ticket. As I’m very much a dark lip kinda gal, this still has the depth of colour I like, but without making me look like I’ve forgotten to ‘do’ the rest of my face.


Sleek MakeUP Power Plump Lip Crayon (£5.49)

This was a treat in a Glossybox or Birchbox a few months ago. I’ve had Sleek make up samples in the past but never actually gone out and bought anything from their range. After I received a sample of the pencil in Colossal Coral, I went out and bought myself the Berry Blast which I put on each morning. It lives in my daily make up kit. It’s very similar to S&G Sexy Mother Pucker as it makes your lips feel as though they’re on fire, but unlike the gloss, it gives a matte finish and a pout, both of which I love.


Mac Matte Lipstick – Sin (£16.50)

My BFF gifted me this after she decided it didn’t go all that well with her blonde hair. I am a MASSIVE fan and this is my ‘out, out’ lipstick. It’s a bit too strong of a shade to wear day-to-day unless you tone it down by applying a few dots to your lips and blending it in with some Vaseline or other lip balm. It’s a shade I’d never have bought if I was shopping for myself, but provides it’s a good idea to break the mould from time to time.


Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker (£9)


The first time I used this I’ll admit, it felt like I’d just rubbed something terrible on my lips. I had never used a plumping product before, so I didn’t know what was in store. Now though, it’s an ‘out, out’ handbag staple. I like to apply it over the top of my Mac Matte Lipstick to give me a bit of extra plumping when I’m out. The only downside is, when I wear it on top of a matte lipstick, it does mean I have to reapply more often as the base colour ‘slides’ off.


Vaseline Lip Therapy (£1.95)

Who hasn’t owned this? I keep a pot of Vaseline on my desk at all times and tend to give myself a little top up whenever I’m on the phone. At the moment I’m rocking the coco butter pot, but I’ve had every one under the sun (prosecco flavour anyone?). It’s a must-have to keep your lips in tip top condition in all weather’s and of course, with the dreaded office air-con.

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