Online Shopping: Why Do I Never Look Like The Girl On ASOS?

Before you say anything, I get it; I’m not a professional model who works out five times a week and never sits in front of the TV with a can of Strongbow and a bowl of Chicken Fried Rice. I used to love shopping, but now, whenever I buy something online it never seems to look like it does on the screen when it gets itself draped over my size 12-14 body.

It’s at the point now where I’ve stopped online shopping completely because I end up having a meltdown in the spare room when my excitement at seeing the Royal Mail man arrive goes from a 10 to a minus 30 in the space of about half an hour.

The main problem I find is that clothes which are designed for models aren’t really meant to house boobs, bum or hips unless they fall specifically into the ‘plus size’ bracket. So, in some shops, I can buy a size 10 skirt, but try and fit these DD’s into a size 10 dress and I haven’t got a prayer. As a result, I look like a bag of potatoes each time I try something on.

To be honest with you. I’ve stopped shopping altogether. The last time I bought new clothes was probably around a year ago. Mainly because I was feeling much more beautiful than I do now as I prepared for my wedding and had a nice shiny engagement ring reaffirming that at least one person on the planet thought I was attractive.

Since then, the Honeymoon happened and I have rediscovered that naughty love for carbs. And cheese. And wine. It’s gotten worse following the opening round of our race series which see me surrounded by drop-dead-gorgeous, scantily clad women with perfect size eight figures. Now, in my outdated wardrobe, I feel more self-conscious than ever. I want to treat myself to a few new outfits to ‘freshen up’ my wardrobe for summer, but I simply can’t face seeing something look great on screen and then horrible on my mashed potato figure.

Enter ELVI. This online fashion label (who cater for sizes 8 to 28) have implemented product images of the same item on models of different body types, a strong move towards inclusivity for folks like me. The company make every one of their designs available in all size options and hope to bring body positivity to all.

It doesn’t stop there either. Amazingly, ELVI have taken an assertive step towards furthering the inclusivity of women in fashion, by introducing images of the same clothing modelled on women of different body types and sizes. Hallelujah, this is music to my ears.

The team there really do appreciate that we are all unique, and people come in different shapes and sizes. Something I need to get my head around so that I start loving me, and wearing what I want to wear, rather than pulling on another a six-year-old dress because I’m too embarrassed to go shopping.

I’ve just spent about 45 minutes looking at almost every item on their site (and how it looks on each of their models) and I’ve already made myself a wish list. All I need now is the confidence to click ‘buy’ in a couple of sizes…

This entire outfit is an absolute winner


This two-peice is what summer dreams are made of


Well hello there stripes


Power skirt? Yes please.


I love this cute take on office attire (I am sure my boss would too!)


The perfect outfit for your friend’s wedding this summer


Because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a trench coat?

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