A Beginners Guide: Slimming World

I re-joined Slimming World last night. There’s a couple of girls at Ginetta towers who have signed up in the last few weeks and as I’ve been teetering on the brink of going back for a month of two now, I thought by having that office support network I might have a better chance at success.

Since the wedding I’ve managed to pile on half a stone – I’m blaming three weeks in the USA for that, rather than my own lack of willpower – but I can’t even bear to look in the mirror now. I’ve been far more active at the gym (who knew lifting weights could leave you moving like the Tin Man for days?) and I’ve actually started enjoying my trips to Dewsbury Sports Centre, which used to be my idea of capital punishment.

Before you start, I get that getting ‘beach body ready’ is all about eating less and moving more. Personally though, I find that public humiliation really motivates me to eat less and move more, so I’m happy to pay Slimming World to make sure I keep my ass in the game.

sliming world 2

There really isn’t anything worse than having to justify a maintain or a *shock, horror* a weight gain in front of a room full of your peers. That head tilt and pitying look when they ask you;

“So, Ruth you’ve put a pound on this week… how do you feel? What went wrong?”

“Well guys, I ate half a Dominos Mighty Meaty pizza and now I feel like a failure.”

I’ve lost weight through the classes in the past but I sacked off going to the meetings once I was ‘at target’ and slowly I’ve started to re-inflate. I’ve set myself a new target to lose a stone and I want to achieve it by Christmas. There’s a guy who’s shed SEVEN stone in around 18 months, but somehow I don’t quite think I’m going to be quite as good as he is.

I was honestly so nervous about returning to class, I thought I’d be judged as I crawled my way back to the scales having admitted that I can’t go it alone without the help of the class. I was so wrong, everyone was so welcoming and empowered me to do well, rather than look upon me with disdain.

It was great to see the old crowd again, some of them look completely different and it was great to re-join on the same day that one of the old guard reached her target (and five stone award). She’s had a long journey, but is living proof that if you stick at it, you can achieve whatever you want. It’s things like that which make you determined to do well for yourself.

There’s only one minor problem… I’ve just cancelled my Hello Fresh subscription, and the last box arrived yesterday. These are the opposite of ‘Slimming World Friendly’ but I’m not throwing £35’s worth of food away, so I’m going to have to have a long evening with my Syn calculator to see how much damage three days’ worth of dinners are going to cost me.

Overnight oats; come at me bro.

overnight oats

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