Running Tips For Beginners (I Need Some)

First things first. That headline is somewhat misleading. I am a compete run novice and I need tips, motivation, any “I wish I knew this when I started” type insider information from anyone I know who power walks, jogs or runs. Come at me.

To be perfectly honest, I never, ever thought running would be for me. Once, when I was far too tight (that’s Yorkshire speak for not wanting to spend any money) to join a gym, I tried to run around my local area. It did not go well. I think I went about three streets down before I gave up. It was your classic case of trying to run before you could walk. I had pulled on some trainers and sprinted out of the house like Linford Christie. Big mistake. That was about five years ago.

Let’s be clear. I’m still not into running; I don’t want to invest in expensive shoes and my boobs bounce too much, but I am thawing to the idea. This recent phase of interest began when I signed up to Race For Life with my mum, mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

July 1st was my very first 5k and because we entered as a team we tried to go at the same pace, which was slow. Clare (S-I-L) and I got a bit of a wriggle on for a while and when we looked back our parents were nowhere to be seen. I phoned my mum to see where they were; “A rest and a toilet break,” was the answer. I don’t think the ‘race’ part of RFL actually made any impact. We finished the course in a whopping 66 minutes. Could try harder.

Race For Life

Bitten by the 5k bug, the following week, Clare and I signed up to ParkRun. These are weekly 5km timed runs which take place all around the world. They are open to everyone and are safe and easy to take part in. Best of all? They are completely free. So, six days after our RFL, we headed to Crow Nest Park in Dewsbury ready for round two.

It was a little more challenging of a course than our first adventur, and we opted to power walk rather than run or jog. Although we crossed the line as the penultimate finishers, we did it in 53 minutes. Now, I know most people do 5k in less than 25 minutes, meaning we took pretty much twice as long as we should, at least we’re improving! #everyoneloveastrier.


I’m also helping Clare along with her Million Step Challenge to raise money for Diabetes UK. We’re both aiming to walk at least 10,000 steps per day for the next three months. I’ve got to admit, I’m not doing all that well. So, yesterday I went in the Ginetta gym at lunchtime determined to complete another 5k. This time from the comfort of an air-conditioned treadmill. I jogged for the majority of the session, something I have never even thought about before, let alone attempted. One large bottle of water and a few muttered swearwords later and I had done it. This time in 43 minutes.

Run One

The weirdest thing happened when I got off though. I actually thought; “That wasn’t so bad. I reckon I could do that again, a little bit faster.” Ruth! Have a word with yourself. Are you drunk? The only problem was, my legs were like jelly, I felt like I had prickly heat on my chest and my boobs were absolutely killing.

Sorry fellas, but ladies come on, what’s the deal with the painful ‘boob bounce’? I might be a running virgin but I’m no stranger to a workout. I regularly do Body Pump, Combat and Attack, as well as solo sessions in the main gym. Come to think of it though, I do plump for the ‘option’ in Body Attack when it involves jumping up and down, otherwise I’m bouncing around with my hands firmly attached to my chest.

I’ve been hearing great things about this ‘Boobuddy’ band, which dubs itself as “the ultimate asset protection during workouts.” Has anyone tried one, got one, got a mate who has one? Are they any good before I go out and spend £20 on a glorified elastic band? Should I just be investing in a better sports bra and not relying on a USA Pro special?


The folks there tell me that running can put excessive tension on the chest muscles and the Cooper’s ligaments which help to suspend and support the breasts. These ligaments have been found to extend or “creep” during a short run and long-term can have even bigger effects. Stop Press. I need help.

Another company which I keep receiving emails from but haven’t quite had the confidence to buy from yet is Sundried. Their clothing looks fantastic, but I’m such a fossil when it comes to buying things off the internet. I like to try things on and know they will actually fit, feel comfortable and work before I commit to spending my hard-earned cash on them. Their sports bra’s look great. Anyone got one, or recommendations for any other brands?


Next up is shoes. At this early stage, I’m not looking to go all out and buy some all-singing, all-dancing running shoes. Maybe I will in a month or two, but at the moment, my Nike Air Max are holding up just fine. Just out of interest though, who do I know that actually does invest in super trainers, and are the worth the dosh.

Finally, when I was firmly anti-run, a lot of people were saying it can put strain on your ankles, knees and back. Is this something I need to be worrying about, as I do have three herniated disks in my lower back and I don’t want to do them even more harm.

I never knew I could prattle on for so long about running. My stamina really is starting to improve, clearly. If anyone does have any handy hints or tips, feel free to shout them loud and proud. The only thing I’m missing now is one of the absolutely on point tracksuits / yoga sets from Get On Fleek. I saw them pop up on Instagram recently and need one in my life immediately. You cant work out properly unless you look like an absolute fashion icon right?


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