“Get summer body ready. ” Just checked; I’m definitely alive and it’s definitely summer

I was scrolling through The Daily Mail earlier this week (don’t judge) and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a sponsored article for Boombod with the quite clearly sponsored headline; “Left it too late for your summer body? Three women try a celeb diet secret to shape up in seven DAYS (and the results will surprise you!)”

Diet Buzz

What’s a summer body then? Is it something other than this body I’m currently inhabiting that has a working heart and lungs? Luckily, I’ve just been to the ladies to check and I’m definitely a human being. However, I wear glasses, don’t have a perma-tan and absolutely don’t look like I could sell keep fit equipment, so does that mean I can’t go out in summer?

It’s getting quite tiresome being surrounded by diet supplements, skinny coffee, laxative lollipops and body shaming branding. I go to the gym to offset the damage done by scones and prosecco, not because I think I’m ever going to look like the Les Mills models. Even our gym instructors don’t look like them. Apart from maybe the Yoga teacher, she looks r-i-p-p-e-d man.

Anyway, just because our bikini size had two numbers rather than just the one, do we really one need a meal replacement shake? Why can’t we just have a meal? I’m not condoning having a McBreakfast every single day because yes that’s unhealthy, but it’s even more unhealthy for the media to try and dictate to us how we should look each summer.

Our own social media environment plays a huge part in this vicious cycle. I reckon if I deleted about 85% of my friends, and added a load of Body Positivity activists, I’d feel a damn sight better when I’m sat in the garden eating a Cornetto.

We rate our own self-worth on how many likes we get on Instagram or how many followers we have on Twitter (I’d probably get loads of likes if I posted a photo of me in the garden eating a Cornetto TBH). It’s so easy to portray what we want the world to see on social media, rather than what really happens in actual, grown up, human life. Apart from hangovers, they seem to feature heavily each weekend.

There are some good ones though.

One social media account I am loving a little more than usual this week is @khrystyana on Instagram. She was part of the awesome The Real Catwalk which absolutely OWNED Trafalgar Square last weekend.


Khrystyana was a finalist on America’s Next Top Model and was celebrated for having curves. She wasn’t one of those ‘curve’ models like the Kardashians who had one Double Chocolate Magnum when they were fourteen years old either, I mean REAL curves.

The Real Catwalk was all about celebrating these ‘bikini bodies’ marketing executives plough so much money into. For once, people came together to show that you can wear a bikini, swimsuit, mankini or a pair of trunks and be proud of who you are.

As much as a little part of me wishes I was a tall, lithe ballerina tottering around in a tutu and with a ribbon in my hair, a much bigger part is far to into motorsport, pizza and prosecco by the truckload.

Don’t ever change kids. You’re amazing just the way you are.


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