Great Britain: A Nation of Virgins

Every morning with a brew in hand, I have a look over the latest newswire content to have dropped into my inbox. Although most of it is immediately filed under the ‘no’ category, this little nugget caught my eye. Apparently millions of Brits have never put up a shelf, poached an egg or even tried sushi. I mean, WHAT?

Let’s firstly get one thing clear, this study included 2,000 Brits, which means to attribute their findings to ‘millions’ would be a little bit grand, but bear with me.

According to YO! Sushi, one third of Brits have never had a one-night stand, and one in four have never pitched a tent. Apparently, another third haven’t had the confidence to eat a meal in a restaurant by themselves and 22 per cent have never successfully poached an egg.

The weird thing is, I do have to Google ‘how to poach an egg’ whenever I make breakfast, and I still fail every single time, ending up with a stringy mess. Looking at the list below though, there are only three things on the list that I’ve actually never done. Good luck guessing those kids.



  • Tried sushi
  • Broken wind in a work meeting
  • Done the walk of shame
  • Won a toy in a claw machine
  • Cried in public because of a song
  • Deleted a post on social media because it had a low number of likes
  • Had a one-night stand
  • Eaten at a restaurant alone
  • Pulled a fake sickie at work
  • Put up a shelf
  • Re-gifted a gift that was given to you
  • Put up a tent
  • Successfully poached an egg
  • Read a newspaper front to back
  • Pressed send on a text then immediately regretted it
  • Changed the ink in a fountain pen
  • Put together a piece of flat pack furniture
  • Baked a cake
  • Skipped a stone across water
  • Thrown a coin in a wishing well


I’d like to add something to that list though, as I’ve never eaten at YO! Sushi. I love sushi, but I find the idea of YO! Sushi, it’s moving food belt and the unknown cost of your bill until you ask for the receipt a little daunting. Apparently though, this month sushi virgins can lose their L-plates with an exclusive invitation to sample one of 10 sushi dishes at YO! for just £1. Where do I sign up?

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