Six-Foot Subway Sandwiches Delivered to Wedding Reception. No Joke.

My favourite news item of the weekend has to be this epic tale of a groom organising the delivery of a six-foot Subway sandwich during his wedding speech.  Who says romance is dead?

It’s not just a case of this chap didn’t fancy any of the posh nosh you get served at weddings. James Coad actually arranged for a trio of Subway mega-sandwiches (Italian BMT, Ranch Chicken and Veggie Delight) to ‘interrupt’ his big speech, as a special tribute to his very first date with new wife, Lucinda. Cute.


James, of Hemel Hempstead, said: “Lucinda and I have been together for five years now. We met at work, as you do, but we didn’t really hit it off at first – in fact she thought I was a bit of an idiot. I fancied her a little bit, and one night in 2013 we all went on a typical work night out to welcome some new faces in the office.

“Lucinda and I hit it off with a bit of flirting, then we went to our local nightclub, Veeda, and shared a passionate kiss in the R’n’B room. Later in the night I took her to Subway and thought I’d be romantic by offering her an Italian 6-inch BMT. But when I handed it to her – she dropped the whole lot on the floor. I didn’t offer her mine though, that went home with me. We always have a laugh about Subway now, and when we walk past we joke about the way we first met.”

Okay, it might not have the makings of a Oscar winning storyline, but what better way to tip his top hat to that special memory, than by finally sharing his Subway sandwich with her? Now that I know I can get a six foot sub to feed 25 people for just £116, I know what I’ll be serving up the next time it’s my turn to host a dinner party.

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