It’s official… Trainers are now the most popular type of shoe in the UK

It turns out I was wrong to ever doubt Lily Allen. Not over her talk-singing, but over her love of pretty dresses paired with some of the most eye-catchingly offensive trainers I’ve ever seen. As it turns out, the ‘comfortable shoe’ is now the most popular type of shoe found in the UK.

A cynic might argue that given how many people regularly undertake some form of exercise, it’s not a surprising figure. I mean, even those folks who joined a gym in the first week of January still have their Nike Air Max sat at the bag of their wardrobe with the stickers still on the soles. Apparently though, researchers has found that the style of shoe once reserved for fitness and sports, has become a staple fashion item in the nation’s wardrobes.

Trainer 1

The trainer has now overtaken ankle boots, flat sandals and brogues as the most popular shoe in the UK. London emerged as the nation’s stiletto capital, Brighton and Hove residents are the biggest fans of flip flops and trainers are most likely to be worn in Glasgow. Cardiff meanwhile, is the home of the ballet pump.

Worryingly, the research, carried out by footwear retailer Deichmann, also found the average Brit owns nine pairs of shoes – with women owning an average of three pairs more than men. Can someone make sure my husband never reads this blog, as I’ve probably got 25+ pairs spread out across our house, even though I only really wear three of them in rotation.

Speaking of husbands, millions of men have just a couple of pairs of shoes to get by, with half saying they only own two pairs of ‘smart’ shoes while a third have just a single pair of more casual footwear.


The study also found the average adult will buy three new pairs of shoes each year, spending a total of £141.33. This is on top of the nine pairs they already have sitting in their wardrobes. Technically, if I haven’t thrown any away in years then, I’m doing okay?

For the vast majority of the population, comfort is more important than style with 71 per cent saying they would choose a shoe because of how it felt to walk in rather than how it looked. Despite this, almost four in 10 admit to wearing shoes they like the look of, even though they hurt their feet. We’ve all been there haven’t we ladies?

Top 10 most popular styles of shoe:

  1. Trainer
  2. Ankle boot
  3. Flat sandal
  4. Brogue
  5. Flip-flop
  6. Heeled sandal
  7. Ballet pump
  8. Court shoe
  9. Knee-high boot
  10. Loafer

So there you have it, interesting shoe facts for a Wednesday huh?

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