It’s time to sign up for early access to the ELEMIS Advent Calendar.

Okay, so it’s 97 days until Christmas, and I know I probably shouldn’t be thinking about buying myself a £150 beauty advent calendar when A) I don’t have a job and B) I have my first anniversary, husband and best friend’s birthdays to get through yet. However, I might have accidentally just signed up for early access to the ELEMIS 2018 Advent Calendar.

Last year I bought myself the NYX and Boots No7 Advent Calendars because I genuinely couldn’t choose between the two and they were way more exciting than chocolate! Over the coming weeks and months, I’m going to check out what other alternatives there are to the bog-standard Cadburys calendars, but can we all just take a second to show our appreciation for this.


I’m so excited because ELEMIS has become a huge part of my skincare routine over the past 12 months, and I try to find something to make me stay looking 30 years old forever. I know I’m fighting a losing battle and that I should probably just stick to Botox, but there’s something really satisfying about washing your face with a product you actually feel makes a difference.

As I’m still fairly new to all-things super-beauty, I am overly excited about the opportunity to try a load of ELEMIS products for a fairly low price, before having to live off rice and beans for a month when I go ahead and buy one of everything, like I did with Dermalogica a few months ago!

Worth over £345, ELEMIS’ seasonal offering has drawers of skincare treats with a full size Pro-Collagen Marine Cream waiting for you on Christmas morning.  If you want to sign up for early access, click here.

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